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The sound of footsteps drew nearer. Fear wrapped around her pounding heart, invicible icy cold ice pricked her skin; sending shivers down her spine. She tried not to breath or move, because underneathe her was dry leaves and she'd make noise if she move too much. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps stop abruptly.


And more silence.

Curious, she pry a little to the left and scream. The clown was looking at her, a maniac killer smirk plastered on its face; besides its left hand which had already reach out to her sweaty neck, and pressed the steel knife to her neck.


Chloe screamed. And scream. The other six who were sleeping jerked up and Alyssa, the oldest of them threw up her covers and scrambled towards Chloe, the youngest. The little girl threw her fragile body into her sister's arms and sobbed uncontrollably.

Max, the fourth, yawned. He ruffled his own red hair and points the emergency torch at Alyssa and Chloe. "What, did the vamp got you again?" he yawned lazily. Alyssa glared at Max. "Cut it, Max.," she warned. The 15 years old teen shrugged. Chloe grabbed Alyssa's arm, hard.

"I-It wasn't a vampire…It was…It was the killer clown. He had those smirks; those eyes—", Chloe broke into sobs again.

For three months straight, Chloe was haunted with nightmares. The same nightmare. For the first month, Chloe was caught in a 'maze'. And it took her approximately one month to escape the deadly 'maze' in her nightmare. Second month, she was thrown into a 'mansion'; where beasts, vampires and bats roamed and lurked around. This month, she was pulled into a foggy forest. And that's where the game of clown-chasing began.

"Hush…Don't cry…" Sasha the second sister hugged Chloe and Alyssa together. Ezra (third), Darcy (fifth) and Toby (sixth) joined the hug. Alyssa glared at Max. Reluctantly, Max joined them and they hugged for thirty seconds before Chloe's sobs subsided. Alyssa looked at all of them.

"Guys, we need to help Chloe." She started. Sasha nodded. "But how?" Ezra asked, scratching her chin. Alyssa inhale. "Well, actually I have an idea." She admitted. "Spill it." Sasha said. "Last month, I read this article about dreams. They showed one way of 'joining' someone's dream. It's called 'Dream Linker'." She said.

Max blinked. "Dream Linker? Oh, yeah. So?" that earned him a pinch in the stomach by Sasha. "OW!" he cringed, moving away from the fierce blonde-haired girl and sat beside Darcy. Alyssa glared at both of them, signaling those two to be silent.

"So, as I was saying; the article said if one wish to join in the other's dream, the can hold the hand of the one they wish to share dreams with." Alyssa explained and Max raised his hands slowly. "Yes, Max?" Alyssa asked, arching a well-trimmed eyebrow. "Well, Ally you said 'dreams'. I mean, we're now going to share a 'nightmare'." He blurted out his thoughts.

Toby nodded. "I can't not agree with Max.," he said and Max grinned triumphantly at Sasha, making the girl to rolled her eyes. "Max, what Ally meant was we are going to 'join in' Chloe's nightmare. We are going to find out what exactly is happening there. And stop it." Sasha explained and Alyssa nodded.

Alyssa squeezed Chloe's hand, giving her strength. Chloe tried to smile. "I bet you guys wouldn't want to know about my nightmare…" Chloe started. Her voice trembled. "I mean, it's awful. It was the worst nightmare and I wished I will never fall asleep, ever." She said, tears falling.

Alyssa smiled. "Don't be silly, Chloe. We are siblings, we share. We cannot let the nightmare haunt you anymore. And we won't." Alyssa said, her voice determined. "Right, guys?" she looked at the others. They all nodded, including Max.

Chloe smiled. "Thanks guys."


They pulled their blankets and lay on the floor, because their beds were placed too far away from each other's to be shared. Alyssa hugged Chloe as the little girl snuggled close to her sister, searching for protection and warmness. The clocked showed two o' clock in the morning.

"You ready guys?" Alyssa breathed. The other five nodded, excluding Chloe. They hold their hands; fingers intertwined and mutter some prayers before closing their eyes. All except Chloe.

She was too afraid to fall asleep again. She was afraid to be in the 'forest' again. "Chloe?" she flinched when someone called her name. She turned and saw Sasha looking at her. "Why aren't you closing your eyes?" Sasha asked and Chloe blushed, quickly squeeze her eyes shut.

Ten minutes passed, and the fell asleep no sooner than that, unaware of the sinister smirk on the face of the figure outside the window.


Chloe open her eyes slowly and her eyes widened with fear when she saw the familiar surroundings. Tall tree barks with shining green leaves; and most of all—the foggy view. Alarmed, she looked around at spotted her siblings, still sleeping on the ground, scattered. She crawled slowly towards Alyssa, making some rubbing sounds as she kneeled on the dried leaves.

Slowly, she woke her sister up by shaking her. "Alyssa? Wake up…" she whispered slowly. The older brunette stirred and moaned before prying open her eyes and sat up lazily. "Uh?" she mumbled, the typical her when she woke up every morning. Chloe grabbed Alyssa's arm. "W-We're here." Chloe told her.

Alyssa was wide awake now. "So, this is the place?" she asked, looking around. "Shh! They might hear you!" Chloe hissed softly, looking around fearfully. "They?" Alyssa asked. Before Chloe could answer, they heard footsteps. Chloe's eyes widened in fear.

Sweat trickled down their neck; despite the atmosphere was very very cold.

One—no—Two clowns were heading towards the other five who was still asleep on the ground. The clowns were holding knifes in their hands, sinister grins filled their already-scary faces. Chloe covered her mouth and let out a muffled whimper. Alyssa's heart hammered her chest.

So this was Chloe's dream—no—nightmare. The one that woke them out every night, the one that make Chloe too scared to ever fall asleep agan. So this was it.


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