The sound of that latching behind me replaces words with an imminent sorrow. The simple moment of a bolt enclosing a door may seem like a harmless action, but the silence surrounding it can be so deafening.

The door is now a barrier. No parting words of wisdom or emotion preceded its closing. Silence shut that door with its heavy-handed heel stomping on my heart with no remorse. Only the turning of a deadbolt followed, slamming its locking mechanism into my soul and ripping out the part of me that binds itself to what's inside.

A door now separates us, but it might as well be the world. The white wooden object preventing transcendence is a fortress of excommunication, taunting me with my inability to once again proceed through the entrance.

Now I'm on the other side, and I will never be going back. Adieu bid, and the best of the future wished, although words have not transpired. Only the latch, the smack of the metal closing off the gate of re-entry permanently, and the long, cold silence of the deep dark night finds me standing there with a lack of peace.

The night is on my horizon, and the shards of what once was lay in broken ground at my back. Like a magnetic force, what is left in my chest can't let go of the moments in pieces behind my heel. The moon taunts me with the hope of a better tomorrow, but only a red sun brings is the same dead feeling better lit.

All with the latch being turned to close out what should've never been ended, I take my first steps into a new timeline once again. May this one bear better fortune than the last.