For a moment, the firing stops. Ryu stands.

"Give up!" He yells into the night, "You're fighting for nothing – the king is dead!"

"The king is not dead." A quiet voice. Somebody steps out from the shadows in front of us. "He lives on." All our guns train on him. "In our hearts." He places his hand on his chest, and just looks back at us calmly.

"You'd better give up." Another emerges beside him. "You're surrounded."

"So what?" Ryu snaps. "We'll take as many of you down with us as we can." He moves closer to them. "Starting with you two."

I pull him back. "Hold your fire."

For a moment, complete silence. They both stand there, in the flickering light. Wearing military uniforms, but with the emblems torn off – in their place, bright rags of cloth. Those colors again.

"Why are you here?"

"We come to make – a proposition."

"Keep it to yourself," Ryu snarls. "Go back, crawl back to where you came from."

Adrian lowers his gun. "No. Let him speak."

"We come to offer you – a choice."

"Are you listening?"

The first one holds his hand out. "We offer you – a way out."

"Join us, and live."

"Or stay here, and die."

Ryu looks at them warily.

"But we killed your friends. Your comrades. We're enemies."

The first one shrugs. "It no longer matters. You have been judged."

"You have been judged, and forgiven."

"You are welcome."

"You are welcome, in our band."

"You are welcome, in our kingdom."

"You are saved."

They start circling around us.

"And who are they?"

"They are no friends of yours."

"What did they ever do for you?"

One stops in front of Lion. "They were going to shoot you." He smiles. "Lionheart." Lion looks away.

"And you." The second stops in front of Adrian. "Haunted by nightmares."

"You, did you make the right choice?" He turns to Ryu. "Or was it all. A terrible. Mistake."

"Shut up."

"And, you. Jacks." They both look right at me. "We know." My blood runs cold.

A pause.

Then they start pacing again.

"Yes, we know. Everything."

"No, they're no friends of yours."

"What did they ever do for you?"

"They'll take everything from you."

"And then ask you to lay down your life."

They come to a stop in front of us.

"But we offer you – another chance."

They stand there, framed in the light of a burning building.

"We offer you – a way out." He holds his hand out.

Terrible silence.

Adrian speaks first.

"I said I was willing to die for you." He looks at me. "But now I realize it was a lie. All of it." He walks over.

"Sorry, Jacks. I'm not willing to die for you." Ryu throws down his gun. "I'm not willing to die for anybody." He passes me without meeting my eyes.

One by one. They go over. And I just stand there. Motionless.

"What about Jacks?" Lion asks.

They both turn to me.

"Not him."

"He cannot be saved."

"He, and he alone."

"He is condemned."

"He, and he alone. Is condemned."

"Is condemned."

The first one nods. And I watch, as they all leave. Until only Lion still stands there.

"Go." I tell him. "Just go." I look down. "You don't owe me anything."

He hesitates for a moment. The others call after him.

"Just go."

I don't know how much time passes. Firing starts again, in the distance. I look up.

And he's gone.