*Chapter one*

Hey guys just started this story, Im super excited about it, hope you like it!

The dark shadowed water lapped the shore of the lake, nothing but the rhythmic sound of grasshopper chirps. Flashlights illuminated the dirt aimlessly as a small group of teenagers whispered and laughed in hushed voices.

The obvious leader of the group stopped in her tracks as they all hushed. Mercedes' shimmering lips pulled up in a smirk as she eased herself over the old wire fence, landing with a thud on the other side before waving at the others.

"Hurry up you morons."

She hissed flicking her black hair in a wounded bun with her thin hands. She ran a hand through her hair once more checking for loose strands as her pointed eyebrows suddenly raised in the dark, and one of her followers stopped mid climb, his fingers clinging to the chain links as a worried look crossed his otherwise confident face.

The five settled into a silence as they heard a siren whir past fading off in the distance as the security guard drove off. Mercedes rested a hand on her waist as if unfazed,

"Your good Kovacs, keep climbing!"

She commanded as he continued to grip the fence until easing himself over, landing in a cloud of dirt. On the other side even in the dark you could distinguish the obvious newcomer like a splash of red paint on a white wall. She wandered behind the others walking cautiously, her head flashing at every snap of a twig followed by a swing of her brown hair behind her back. Mercedes watched her friends climb over proudly till her eyes fell on her entertainment for the night.

She smirked to herself, the dark sky hiding her face, but she could tell her newcomer was nervous. Her name was Madison who now had a hand on her jean belt loop nervously, watching and following the others every move like a little kid on the first day of school. This would just be far too easy, she thought with a satisfied face.

Also noting that Madison's jeans looked possibly worse than hand me downs, sliding on her hips every so often, and nearly swallowing her small frame whole with that hideous purple pullover. Pitily watching her scale the fence nearly flopping on her stomach as she finally managed to get to the other side , Mercedes caught Conrad's eyes before he eased over.

Something fluttered in her stomach as she watched his brown wispy hair graze the top of his eyes, but she flicked her flashlight on once more to see how much farther. Leaning a hand on her hip she looked over at Kovacs who was also in the lead, waiting for directions. Madison cowered behind Tatum who even though she was considered new to the group seemed to have everything going for her.

Why'd I agree to come on this stupid thing anyway, I thought glancing around in the dark. Till my eyes fell on Mercedes whispereing with Kovacs as they looked down at a folded paper. My arms flew to my shoulders rubbing precariously in the cold. Oh that's right I wanted to fit in, since I just moved here in the worst time possible, my senior year.

Mercedes happened to be seated next to me in English, out of some luck she said I could hang with her group tonight, I looked around. I didn't think hanging meant wandering past closed off areas to the lake. A shiver ran down my spine as I bit my lip, this better be worth it, unless I wanted to be the nerd girl like in my last school.

Focusing on my task at hand, I couldn't help but glance at one of the boys tagging along, Conrad.

I couldn't see much of his face, in the dark but the way his hair hit his eyes, and how he towered over the girls, confident but quiet something was definitely alluring. Mercedes caught me staring and my eyes flashed away as I flicked my small flashlight nervously. Moms gonna kill me, I kept thinking over and over. Kovacs and Mercedes headed down a trail, and the rest followed including me, trying not oto stumble on rocks as we carefully headed downhill.

Mercedes suddenly caught me off guard when she slowed down to the back waiting for me.

"So I was thinking, you seem to be pretty promising, I mean of course you'll need a ton of help as far as wardrobe and such but that's easy."

She said as our converse gripped the dirt slowly trudging down the hill, careful with every step. I looked over at her, my mouth trying not to fall open, had she really considered me to be part of their group? She continued anyway, her shirt showing a slit of skin as she raised her arms to balance.

"Anyway, your name is the first thing to go, I was thinking we could call you Elle,or Gem." She said in an overly sugary sweet voice and I knew something was up, she knew she had me strung along like some kind of toy. A smirk spread across her face,

"of course you have to prove yourself first, for now your still our gummy."

She said and I nearly tripped on a tree root at the last part of the hill till breaking into a speed until we hit flat ground. I looked over at her as she shrugged before hurrying to the front of the group ,while slinging an arm over a quiet Conrad. Kovacs suddenly stopped, once we came up to a clearing, trees looming around a dark creepy looking lake. My mind in a fit of thoughts from merceds last words.

"Right this is a good spot no?"

he asked before slinging his red backpack on the ground pulling out a pack of cigarettes in hand. Mercedes glanced around,

"yea it's fine."

She said taking one from the pack and covering the end with her hand, her face glowed from the flame as she lit it. Madison looked at them like they'd just been lit on fire. Crap, I didn't think they were the type to pull out the cigs, I thought nervously as a sick feeling crept up from the bottom of my stomach. I waasn't about to join them, but what would I say without looking weird.

A blonde Tatum laughed carelessly as she let out a puff of smoke from her lips, lazily dangling the cigarette in her right hand as she talked to Kovacs. Out of some kind of miracle, Conrad was walking towards the water, off in the dark completely alone. Kovacs glanced at Madison who was standing in a spot by a tree with folded arms, he smirked at Mercedes before walking over.

"Want one?"

he asked offering the pack to a horrified Madison.

The sight of her deer in headlight looking eyes had him in a burst of laughter,

"Mercedes, whad ya bring the prude out here for, I told you she didn't have it in her."

He said and Madison's cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she nervously responded,

"I don't smoke."

She said rubbing her arm as Kovacs smiled,

"right of course you don't"

he said rolling his eyes as he pocketed the pack. He left her humiliated and alone in the dark as Mercedes and Tatum laughed at his confident dance as he walked over.

"Hey Con don't stray to far or the fish demons will getcha!"

he called out to Conrad with a smile. Madison looked over at Kovacs, there were legends in this town about Lagoon lake, about fish that looked like humans who would lure you in the water. Madison scoffed covering the tears gathering in her heavy throat as she brushed a pine tree branch out of the way with her foot. "This was a stupid idea." I thought, staring at the moon wondering if mom was home.

Suddenly Mercedes put out the end of her cig with the trunk of her tree thrwing it in the bushes.

"actually I say we go for a swim." She said slyly as she walked off to follow Conrad.

"Come on Gem, coming or what!"

she called back as the others follow.

"unless you really are lame sauce!"

she taunted once more walking backwards to face Madison before turning around as she walked towards the lake. My cheeks burned, I didn't believe the stupid legends but there was no way I was going near that water, especially at night. There were plenty of horror stories, and I didn't care if it meant Id be dateless for prom. But something grabbed me curiosity, maybe it was their loud laughs or the fact that I was nerd girl once again, but I followed

Mercedes looked down to her glimmering reflection her eyes nervous even as she wore a smirky grin. Kovacs put a finger to his lips to signal Tatum to be quiet, as he suddenly jerked Mercedes shoulders, her throat letting out a girly squel.

"Kovac's you scared the sh*t out of me!"

She punched his arm as he and Conrad snickered.

"You think that's funny why don't you take a dip!"

She called back taking the opportunity to hold Conrad's shoulders, and his smile suddenly fell as he pulled them away.

"Don't even try."

He said as they all chuckled in response. Madison panted as she finally reached the dock, leaning over to glance down at the water,

"so can't wait for this to be over."

She muttered as she followed their laughs to the end of the dock.

"Gem nice of you to join us!"

Mercedes called out putting an arm around her sweater.

"so I just had a thought you want to hang with us right?"

she raised an eyebrow as everyone silenced listening to her proposition in interest. Madison glanced at a smirking Kovacs then nodded.


She muttered and Mer looked at the water. Her voice droned out

"alright, I dare you to swim to that post there by the reeds and back."

She said proud of her dare, but mostly wondering if shed actually do it.

"No way man she won't do it."

Kovacs punched Conrad playfully and Madison just about had it. She scanned the dark water gulping quietly, this would be a breeze as far as the swimming, but that water if you could see how creepy it looked. Conrad's curious stare finally concluded her debate, and she nodded.

"no problem."

She said confidently and Mercedes gawked.