Chapter 13

I'm sorry about the delay guys, schools been in the way, and it's been a little tricky planning my outline for this. But I wanted to post this so you wouldn't think I gave up on it :) This chapter wasn't technically finished exactly, I'm still working on the rest but I wanted to give you something, anyway hope you like it.-sumerbliss18

Just the idea already had her in that sick creeping anxiety. Conrad suddenly understood and his eyes softened his mature face relaxing a little as he smiled.

"What, never rode on handlebars before?"

he asked still sounding like the cool kid from their school. Madison shrugged, as she awkwardly rubbed her arm.

Conrad leaned forward adding the pressure, "Or, have you not been on the handlebars of a guys bike before."

He stated, his smile turnig genuine, and making Madisons stomach relax a little bit at the joke. The funnier part was that he was wrong, she had rode on the handlebars of Ryder's bike all the time, but that was Ryder sweet laidback Ryder, not Conrad Sands. His green eyes watched , slightly entertained at the fact that she was so awkward about it. He hopped off the bike walking next to Madison.

"Alright, trust me, its no big, you just step on the front of the tire, and then find a seat on any part of the bars."

He said and Madison decided she would just go with the idea that he thought shes never done this before. Biting her lip, she relaxed at his surprising laidback character, immediately melting on as he explained.


She said as he hopped back on, resting her tennishoe on the wheel of the tire and grabbing the handlebar, swallowing quietly. This is no big, just pretend hes Ryder. She pondered, and then without thinking raised her hips and comfortably sat on the rounded handlebar pressing under her legs. Trying not to think about Conrad judging her waist proportion or awkwardness she suddenly relaxed, her current seat reminding her of Glenwood and giving her more confidence.

"Oh geez, I can't believe Im doing this."

She finally admitted as the wheel rolled underneath her legs, when he pushed forward. He laughed at her worry, and she suddenly wondered if his eyes softened when he laughed, but not daring to turn around as she gripped the handlebars tightly, glad her hair stayed put on the right side of her chest. Conrad pedaled, down the street, finally figuring out who this girl sitting on his old handlebars reminded him of.

He suddenly smiled, remembering his sister do this all the time. He occasionally glanced at the back of her black shirt, as some strands of her hair flew behind her small proportionate shoulders. It was a test, he decided to try out, ususally most girls would cower, and never put themselves out there to ride on the handlebars too worried about their hair, but not Madison.

She sat comfortably placed, as he pedaled faster, not a crease of worry on the profile of her face, her skin softened by the dim sunlight. Conrad didn't understand why he suddenly relaxed, not being able to point out what made him so curious to watch her suddenly. Maybe it was how her eyelashes matched her hair, or the small almost invisible freckles on the top of her cheek from this closeup, her skin untouched by makeup, but still pretty.

No she wasn't a Mercedes, but she was suddenly someone he instantly felt more reaxed with, at least for the project. The wind blew past Madison's face, cooling the slight redness from her blushing cheeks and she couldn't picture Conrad riding behind her as she balanced herself, knowing she wouldn't from how many times she's done this.

"So you ride to school most of the time."

She broke the silence, and Conrad stopped at the corner, allowing Madison to rest her feet on the front tire.

"yea, mostly, I don't know I've always liked riding this thing."

He admitted clicking his tongue as they waited for a car to rush by.

"To be honest Im surprised you got on."

He said and she turned around to face him, nearly wobbling from the unexpected closeness of their arms. She tightened her grip looking forward again,

"Oh, well yea I use to do this all the time."

She said, and suddenly remembered shed acted like she never had. Folding her arms frivolously she looked away, Crap she thought, and Conrad turned to her." Really, so you have done this before." He said, surprised at her bluntness.

"yea, me and Ry…um yea I use to."

She said correcting the word before she said anything about Ryder. Conrad caught her mistake, suddenly wondering who shed meant to say but let it go.

"Id say that's pretty tight."

He said with a friendly smile, and Madison suddenly wondered if this boy was the same one who'd dissed her at school, because right now you'd think he was a different person.