please tell me one lie
that you're still in love with me

that's just how desperate i am
to hear those words one more time
slipping out of your lips
so sweetly, so gently

and i'm here longing for your love
even if it's just a lie
and i'll give you all i have
to try and have you back in my arms

and maybe you were never mine
even when i'd told you i loved you
to you it might always have been a lie
all along, but all had already i gave you

true that my love for you
was far from perfection
but it was always real to me
even when it hurt more than i could bear

and tell me this; lie to me
because one more lie is enough
for me to believe
and to hold on to


love me
it's all i've ever needed

(so lie to me and i'll love you, too)


and i'll give you my beating heart-
until it shatters into pieces