Right now, my brother's coming out of the closet. Not gonn'a lie, it's awkward. Mom's looking at him like he's just said the f-word and Dad's kind of silently stunned. Me? I'm staring at his supposed boyfriend and all I can think is, "I will rape him."

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My brother Seth is about two years younger than me. Fifteen, good looking, light hair, blue eyes. And he is a little brat. That disgustingly atrocious smirk he's wearing – like nobody could hurt a damn hair on his head – is because he's just come out of the closet to my parents and he knows there's not a fucking thing they can do about it. Also, I should mention that by "came out of the closet" it was more like the whole famdamnily, myself included, walked in on his little horny teenage makeout session with a kid I'd never seen before.

"Seth – I – what – "

Little Seth rolled his eyes, sitting back against the couch with both hands draped over the back. He did this whole "king-shit" routine a lot. "Re-lax, Mother."

Perhaps to distract myself from this vomit-inducing act, I turned my attention to the kid beside him. He looked around my brother's age, possibly younger, and far from looking like he didn't give a fuck – such as Seth was claiming now to my parents – he looked absolutely mortified. He was frozen and dishevelled, several buttons on his shirt open that he didn't even bother to try and do up. One hand – small, girly – was still tangled in Seth's shirt and dark brown bangs fell into his eyes to hide his face. The little bit of it I could see was red. Upon closer look, he was shaking. The fingers that were curled into my brother's shirt twitched uncontrollably as he hid himself; hid his shame.

My heart thumped loud and hard against my chest.

He could tell I was looking right at him, and one soft brown eye met mine through the curtain of hair. Then upon noticing my glare he immediately jumped back, ducked his head behind my brother's arm and hid himself completely.

"Fucking queers," I said out loud, interrupting a heated discussion between Mom and Seth.

"Shutup Miles!"

Seth looked pissed at me, but I mostly just wanted to see if the kid would react to anything I said or did because a new feeling was moving through me quickly. I wanted to expose more of my brother's friend. Right. Now.

"Seriously. If you want to fuck your friends at least go to your room or something. Nobody wants to see that."

"Miles!" It was my Mom's turn to shout at me. "Go wait in the kitchen. Lord..."

That was a habit of hers. Always saying "Lord this" and "Lord that". Right now she was probably begging the lord for forgiveness of me and my brother. Or begging to rewind time so that we didn't have to witness the cause of the sounds coming out of their mouths just minutes ago.

"What about him?" I asked, nodding in the direction of Seth's friend. Like a cat, the friend bristled at the attention being cast upon him. He looked back at me uncertainly, fingers finally letting go of Seth only to twist themselves nervously in circles.

"Oh yes. I'm going to have a talk with Seth. Please wait outside."

I couldn't help the large smile on my face as the boy with shaky legs tried to stand and leave. "Miles you better not fucking touch him." The sweet boy was walking right up to me – right into my hands.


"Look at that smile he's up to something!"

I grinned, but tried to make it a reassuring smile as the boy hovered inches away from me. Closer, that's it...


"Suck it faggot," I replied to Seth, doing a rather rude and inappropriate gesture with my hips. My mother nearly lost her mind.


"Fine fine, I'm outta here." They didn't have to tell me twice now that I had my prey. As soon as we were out of the den my mother shut the door and the screaming began.

I took three steps down the hall before turning around and staring at the pathetically weak form in front of me. It was only a few minutes ago that he had been crying out, lost in some pleasure that - Lord only knew how - my brother had cast upon him.

"Name?" I asked. He jumped, crossing his arms nervously over his body as if only now aware that he was a dishevelled piece of crap. His mouth opened and moved along with a sound that I couldn't make out. I frowned, leaning closer. "The fuck's your name?" I asked again.


"Jesus Christ you're a fucking mess Tyler," I said instantly. His eyes were frozen – scared – as they looked into mine; confused, wondering if I was joking. I changed my tone, softer but harshly. "I don't know what my brother was doing but you sure as hell liked it."

His entire face burned once more. Such a nice color.

"Come here." He was terrified. Physically trembling as I approached him instead, pissed that he couldn't even follow simple orders. "Are you scared of me? Or maybe you're just ashamed of what a whore you are? Which is it Tyler?"

Trembling hands went up against my chest as I leaned towards him. Even though he was still scared he had at least some sanity to protect himself; but the hands did nothing to stop me as I whispered really low into his ear, excited at all of his precious reactions. "If you want it that bad, I'll fuck you." This reckless desire building in me was not stopping. Not that it bothered me. I wasn't the best guy ever. In fact, I had been told numerous times that I was a psycho. And a fucking asshole. And all those pleasant things in-between.

Maybe it was the fact that he was my stupid brother's play thing. Maybe I really just felt the need to own him too.

He whimpered as I thumbed the hair out of his eyes, stepping forwards. His back hit the wall with a thud as I ran my fingers along his face; his eyes closing and his breath hitching as I tried to touch all of him. "Open your eyes."

They stayed shut.

"You have a face I want to cum on," I said nastily. "But you're probably used to that right? Look how nice your skin is."

They opened. And oh god I was already feeling like I wanted to tear into him; break him; fuck him.

"Wh-why are you –"

"Shutup. How old are you?"

He choked on a bit of his own panic, hiccupping and turning his head away from me. "Fourteen..."

"Don't look away from me," I demanded, pulling his face back to look at properly. Shit. Too young right? "What were you doing with my brother?"


My hand shook this time; shook from an anger that was pumping through me fast. I had to contain myself. I didn't want to hurt him. Not yet. But if he lied to me again...

"Nothing?" I repeated, questioning with a whisper. "You call it nothing when you get fingered like a bitch on someone's living room couch huh? Slut."


"I'll ask you again, and don't fucking lie to me. What were you doing with my brother?"

Maybe I could hurt him a little. Or rather, my hand was already pressing roughly against his throat causing his nice brown eyes to bulge out a little in a panic. His hands pulled at mine desperately, whimpering as I cut off his circulation for a moment, desperate to throttle out the words I wanted to hear. Just. Fucking. Say it.

"Spit it out, Tyler. You can do it, come on."

I let him go and he gasped, head dizzy and drooping onto my shoulder. I pressed into him, leaving him nowhere to go; cutting off his escape.

"I-I just came here for homework," he finally answered, although his words were coarse. "He started it."

My eyes narrowed as he started to sob against me. I grabbed his hair, slamming his head back into the wall and looking straight into his eyes, scrutinizing every brown speck.

"So you're telling me that my brother forced you?" Couldn't be true. Seth was a fairy fucking princess compared to me; he couldn't hurt anything even if he tried.

Teary brown eyes looked back into mine.

"Well I guess I'm no better than him," I said before pressing my lips against Tyler's. He writhed against me, trying to get away but I held him close and bit his lips so that he'd open up for me.

"Mmf – stop!"

The resistance was kind of fun because when it stopped, it made me swell with satisfaction. I tongued him so hard he almost fell to his knees and I moaned possessively when he kissed back. What a liar. What a fucking horny, queer liar. He wanted this.

His hands – long forgotten against my chest from trying to push me away – suddenly curled around the back of my neck, pulling me deeper into the kiss so that our teeth gnashed and my tongue couldn't go any further into his small mouth. He sucked on it as I grabbed his hips, pulling him tight against me; rubbing, aching, hot... damnit.

"Just what I thought," I said, coming up for air and trailing my tongue down his neck. The shouting had stopped. In the other room I could hear quiet murmuring. Our time was almost up. Too bad.

"Ah. Nnn."

"You sound just like you did before," I commented, sucking and biting on his flesh – leaving a very noticeable mark. I hoped Seth would see it. The idea made me almost lose it and the kid seemed to know because he ground hard against me, getting pleasure from the friction of our jeans.

"If you know what's good for you," I began, as the door to the den opened. "You'll stay away." And then I tore myself away with the last ounce of willpower I had left.

That was fun.


Watching Seth pace back and forth in detention was really fun. Let me tell you he is really good looking. So good looking in fact that I used to think he was the hottest guy I'd ever known.

Until two days ago when I'd had the somewhat unfortunate encounter with his brother Miles.

Miles was like a God in comparison. A really fit God – toned muscles the whole way down if you get me – with the sexiest grey eyes. "Nnn."

"Tyler, you better not be thinking about him," Seth said, stopping in the middle of his pacing and giving me a suspicious glare.

"I'm not," I lied quickly, smiling so he would be reassured. Poor Seth. I mean, it wasn't like we were dating exclusively or anything. We were just sex friends, and even that definition of our relationship was stretching it because – here's the kicker – we'd never had sex.

"Good, because he's a psycho," Seth said resolutely. "And he won't treat you good at all you know. He treats everyone like dirt, like pieces of meat he can toy with. That's exactly what he'll do to you too."

The strength of Seth's warning made me quietly reflect the actions of his older brother. Sure, it was pretty peculiar behaviour. I mean, what right-minded individual would attack their brother's friend? The words slut, whore and queer echoed along the memory of our encounter. But he'd really done a number on me and even though I tried to take Seth's words to heart, my body just didn't want to forget about the magnetism between us.

"Anyway," I began, clearing my throat and indicating that there were better topics out there. "Just chill out and sit down. Miss Marge will be in any minute."

Reminding him of the present situation was a good way to get him off my back about Miles. Ever since he'd viciously made out with me Seth had been flying up the wall about it, and I really just wanted to sit and let the memories of those hands bruising my hips flow through me freely for a minute uninterrupted.

"You're doing it again," Seth sighed, finally taking my advice and sitting down in the desk directly in front of me. "My mom almost killed me the other day, yea? And now detention. Fuck my life."

"Could be worse," I reminded, my eyes settling on his reluctantly. They were disappointingly blue, but actually if I went a little cross-eyed it really made Seth look like Miles a little more...

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Set your damn eyes straight you idiot," Seth hissed, smacking me in the side of the head. "How could it be any worse? If you stopped skipping class to make out with people, we wouldn't be in this situation!"

Of course Seth would be just a little mad. He had been looking for me – out of concern, or even jealousy perhaps – and simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time when Miss Marge caught us all skipping class. This included Wes Hinton, the senior I had been trying to get it on with whose body was as mature as Miles.

"I can't help it," I began, throwing my hands up in the air. "Ever since your brother I've just craved some tall dark and handsome to hold me down and have his way with me!"

Seth wrinkled his nose, as if I suddenly smelled sour. "You are disgusting."

"Can I come over today?" I asked – but I only had a split second to see the dangerous look Seth gave me before his head whipped towards the opening door.

Miss Marge, followed by the notorious senior student I was now rumoured to be dating, entered the room. Wes Hinton rolled his eyes at us as he sat down as far away as possible; then he stretched, slumped over his textbook and began to sleep.

"Tyler, move to the back please," Miss Marge snapped, taking a seat at the front of the classroom so she could supervise the detention.

"But I was here first," I explained. My whining fell on deaf ears. Seth just smiled smugly as I got up and stomped to the back of the classroom. There I stayed in silence for twenty minutes before a crumpled piece of paper hit me directly in the face.

I glanced around the room, but Seth was faced forwards like a good boy and Wes was way too far away. So I opened it to reveal a rather crude drawing of what looked like me and Miles getting it on. Below, the words "not on my watch" were in capital letters.

I had to laugh at the drawing, even if I was horribly misrepresented.

But then I sighed wistfully, knowing it was true. If Seth had his way, he wouldn't let me get close to Miles at all and if that was the case then just how was I going to see him? How was I going to fill this lusting ache deep in the pit of my stomach?

It was getting unbearable.


I didn't know what I could do to make Tyler shut up about Miles. Every day it was the same thing. "Can I come over?" and "How's your brother?" I felt close to snapping, but knew even if I did, the anger would be short and sweet. There was no way I would ever be able to channel my intensity the way Miles did, and that was clearly what Tyler wanted.

It didn't make sense to me. What kind of person in their right mind wanted someone who was obviously a psychopath? Miles did not know the meaning of the word love, and he carried no sense of sympathy or empathy for anyone. I should know. Who else would know him better than me? I was the one who had to suffer with him my whole life.

Tyler didn't know what he was getting into.

I pondered these things as I sat with my beer on someone's basement couch. Tyler and I attended a lot of parties and both of us were pretty hammered. Tyler was off somewhere – probably trying to get lucky – and I was left alone wondering just how we were going to finish the night.

My house was closest, five minutes away walking time. However, I was still hesitant about bringing him home with me. Who was to say that Miles wouldn't steal him away again?

And what was the underlying cause of my unwillingness to let them see each other? Was it because I wanted to keep Tyler for myself, or was it really because I cared for his well being? He was the closest thing I had to a best friend. Just because we jerked off together a couple times didn't mean I had any claim on him whatsoever.

"Don't think so hard, you'll get wrinkles," Tyler said, appearing out of nowhere on the couch beside me. I could feel the alcohol running through my bloodstream, making it hard to turn and face him.

"Hey, are you coming to my place after this? It's closest."

Tyler's eyes widened. "Really?" He shot up to his feet, lost balance, and toppled to the ground before grabbing both of my kneecaps and resting his head on my lap. "Let's go now."

"You're drunk, you know. What if you puke on Miles?"

Tyler looked momentarily concerned. "I won't," he replied resolutely.

"Ugh. Fine. I'll hate to say I told you so."


I didn't have many friends. In fact, I only had one friend, Vicky, and she was usually busy on weekends being a general whore and such. So it wasn't strange to be playing Call of Duty till four o'clock in the morning on Saturdays due to this suffering, incurable boredom.

"Fuck!" I shouted, getting sniped to shit and dying. I threw the controller away from me and turned off the Xbox. Screw it, I had enough of the game; it was making me fucking angry. I felt the rage burn under the skin – itching; licking.

Then after a moment, it passed, and the release was freeing - like I had come up for water or something. This was normally how it went. Take a breath and it was over. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and checked my phone. Not only did the clock indicate that it was four thirty, but also that I had a missed message. I opened it to see a quick reply from an earlier conversation with Vick.

Nailed it.

I laughed short and quick.

Him* you mean.

My door opened as I stared at the phone's screen and I instinctively turned to see who it was. It was too dark, and my eyes weren't adjusting fast enough so I turned on the lamp. At first I thought it was Seth, and I almost opened my mouth to tell him to get lost. Then Tyler stepped into the light and my heart pumped excitedly.

A moment of silence, then, "Are you drunk?"

As he stood in front of me he was wobbling slightly to and fro. He shook his head, then took a few stumbling steps toward me just as I sat up and swung my legs over the bed. "Ugh, what the hell. I'll feel bad fucking you when you're this drunk."

But did I care to the point where I wouldn't? Probably not. Tyler was a treat to the end of a long day, and I really wanted to enjoy him again.

"Nn, not drunk," he insisted in a murmur, crawling onto my lap. He straddled one of my legs and bent forwards, smelling fruity and mouth-watering.

Damn. What a fucking kitten. He started kissing my neck sloppily, too drunk to do a good job. But needless to say his tongue did the trick as it circled right under my earlobe.

"You're going to regret this. I told you to stay away," I reminded. My hand swept along his side, eliciting a moan as it wrapped around his back and brought him forwards slightly. I really didn't care how I fucked him as long as I did. Right. Now.

"Mm-miles," he slurred, grinding against my leg because he was too fucking horny to wait another second. Head swimming, I lost control. Seth didn't deserve this beautiful creature. Tyler was surely mine to own and do with as I pleased. I wanted to lick and bite and torture this person with pleasure until he saw fucking stars. I wanted him to scream my name so loud Seth would hear two doors down.

I slid his shirt up, grabbing at his skin and thumbing his rib cage as my other hand worked at his belt. Clothes needed to come off and I whipped the belt to the other side of the room. It clinked and hit the ground just as I worked on unbuttoning his jeans. It was hard because Tyler kept rocking his hips against me, hands digging into my hair needily.

"Stop," I demanded, holding his hips for a second. Tyler whined against me, keeping as still as possible until I finally worked his jeans open.

As I slid them down, he kicked them completely off and my hands snatched at his soft thighs, spinning him around and pinning him to the bed. His brown eyes were closed, lost in some delirious drunken pleasure as I lowered my weight on him, trying to suffocate every thought other than me out of his head.

"Wasn't Seth good enough?" I growled against his ear. He shook his head back and forth, trying to raise his hips against me but I was trying to get my own jeans off so he would have to be patient. "Or maybe you're the type of guy who can't just do it once."

"I – never – Seth," Tyler said. I bit his ear that I had been growling into just as my jeans opened. There was only one way to see if this kitten was lying to me. He moaned against my bite, hands trembling in my hair until I flipped him over, ass in the air and face pressed against the mattress. Looking at it I really did want to cum on it still. Something about it screamed and begged to be ruined, and I really wanted to be the one to do it.

My hands curled around his underwear and brought them down exposing every bit of him. "Mmm, please Miles."

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I wanted it so bad. What the hell was wrong with this kid? And more importantly, why the hell did I enjoy him begging so much.

I grabbed a fistful of his hair in a sudden, unexplained aggression. "Suck," I demanded, pressing two fingers against his mouth. He didn't fight, simply took them both in his mouth and coated them with saliva. I rubbed them against his tongue as blood swept south and my stomach twisted in this excitement. "Use your fucking tongue, Tyler." He obeyed, rubbing it against my digits, swirling wetly.

I couldn't control the need to go deeper; my fingers practically moved on their own to the back of his throat until he gagged and I released him. Time to see how tight he really was.

One hand grabbed him around the thigh, keeping his squirming hips in place as I took a wet finger and pushed it into him. He immediately resisted the intrusion, perhaps upon instinct, but it didn't matter to me at all. He must've liked it; why else would he provoke me?

Tyler's face contorted in discomfort as I forced the other wet finger in, sliding them both slowly into him. Slowly because it was taking a bit of effort to do anything. "Well look at that, you're actually pretty fucking tight," I said as he took a sharp breath.

It crossed my mind that he could've been a virgin. As I pulled my fingers out and worked them back in over and over I wondered just how possible that was. The kid was fourteen, so it was possible he could've been. But I had sex when I was his age, and he was a fucking slovenly, horny mess at that exact moment so it didn't seem likely.

I twisted, remembering a bottle of lube I had stuffed in my night table a couple days ago. With the two fingers still working to loosen him, I opened the bottle and squeezed generously. What a fucking difference it made. Within a minute I was fingering him without any problem and he was making these hot little noises that I couldn't distinguish between pain and pleasure. But it was most likely pain because he still seemed pretty tight and having two fingers jam roughly in and out of your hole didn't seem comfortable at all.

I warned him.

"Ah, Miles – Nnn, shit. Pleeeaase."

That did it. I couldn't hold back anymore and it was definitely his fault. I pulled both fingers out and Tyler collapsed, turning over and kicking off his underwear the rest of the way. His eyes were open now, but they were hazy and he had trouble focusing on me as I poured lube all over my hand and worked it onto my dick. Even my own fucking touch had me wanting to cum, and I hadn't even done anything.

I grabbed his leg and let it rest on my shoulder being that I was finding Tyler unrealistically flexible. Just as I was taking my aim, a loud knock sounded. It startled him, and I had to hold his leg to stop it from jerking away.

"Go away!"

I looked back at Tyler and stared at the terrified face. Just like the first day I found him – caught and scared. We both knew who it was. Who else could it be? Seth was trying to fuck it up for us, and the door was unlocked.

But it was also kind of exciting. Let him catch us, I'd show him exactly how to fuck someone properly.

I re-aimed, and with a jerk of my hips slid into that fucking tight, hot, wetness. Tyler half-gasped half-moaned, his fingers clawing into the bed sheets. "That's right, hold yourself together."

Another knock, louder and more urgent this time. "Miles, is Tyler in there?"

"Fuck. Uh – yea!" I replied, forcing myself in deeper, all the fucking way until I was swallowed and helpless to this pleasure.

"Shhhssst ha – Mmm-iles"

"Ssh?" I repeated, pulling out and then groaning from the friction of his tight ass along my dick. "Ugnn, why don't you want him to know?"

"Well can I talk to him?"

"Say something Tyler," I prompted, building rhythm now. I couldn't go too fast, because I didn't want him to bleed all over me, and of course if I did I would blow my load way too soon. So instead I went nice and deep, again and again but agonizingly slowly.

"I'm – hnnn – busy S-seth," Tyler gasped, basically using all of his energy to form a somewhat coherent response.

"Louder," I demanded, grinding in.

"Aah, yes! Busy – nnn – BUSY!" Then he trembled and I knew he was done for. Sure enough a second later his body, every inch of it, quivered as he came all over himself, both hands covering his mouth even though it was a bit late for that.

I smiled, loving this tortured look. His brown eyes were wide and horrified and he stared back at me pleading something I didn't understand. It almost sent me over the edge and it took every ounce of my incredible will power to pull out, ceasing the impending point of no return.

There was little I could do about the way things ended. I didn't mean to grab his face so roughly, but I had always intended on cumming hard on him. "Ah fuck, open up Tyler." His mouth opened as he stared confused – his soft brown eyes trusting me completely.

There was a voice, but it was too dull and faded to concentrate on. All I could do was jerk myself off fast and furious to this fucking face. I didn't care about anything else. I burned every inch of Tyler into my mind as I reached climax – balls tightening and pleasure vibrating as pearly white strings landed in his mouth, on his lips, down his chin.

Just as I thought, it suited him nicely.

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