Chapter 50: Danny

We had been searching for Emma and Zephyr for a day or two. I wasn't sure anymore since I hadn't slept. All the hours just blurred together, one uneventful search after another. We were getting nowhere with it. I could tell that Jet was freaking out. He had always been able to touch everyone in the circle with his mind, and now three of them were out of his reach.

I was walking through the woods alone. Jet, Chloe, and I had decided to all go alone, as we would cover more ground. Jet kept us constantly connected, so I could feel him and Chloe in my mind, sharing my thoughts. I still wasn't totally used to that, but it was better than the alternative. I don't think I would have been able to walk through the woods alone without them there.

My thoughts kept straying to Liz, or Katherine, or whoever she was. Now that I had had time to get over the shock of her being taken from me, I found myself growing slowly angry with her. She had lied to me from the start. Lied to us all. Only Zephyr had known, and now he was missing, too.

In an attempt to distract myself from my newfound anger, I tried to memorize my surroundings. The trees deep green, covered in moss and leaves. I almost couldn't see the brown of the bark, and wouldn't have seen it if I didn't know it was there. Everywhere I looked, all the trees looked the same, nothing to mark which direction I had come from, or which I should go.

I started to feel suffocated. All I could see was green, a similar color to Liz's eyes. I wished that I could see her again, hold her in my arms, and pretend like all that had happened in the past few days had just been a bad dream.

Sadly, there was no waking up from this nightmare.

I walked through the woods for another hour, the scenery never changing. This is useless, I thought. We are never going to find them.

Yes, we are, Chloe responded. I had almost forgotten that they were in my head. Jet and her hadn't said a word in over two hours. Probably because they were having the same, depressing thoughts as I was, and they were just better at hiding them.

These woods are huge. They could be anywhere, and we aren't even sure that they are still IN the woods. I was letting out all of my pent up frustration. I could here the anger in my thoughts and felt bad for letting loose on Chloe. This wasn't her fault, and she was probably having the same feelings as me.

We'll find them, Chloe assured me, but she didn't sound as sure of herself this time. I sighed, ending the conversation. I didn't want to talk about it anymore. I wandered through the woods for another half hour or so when I heard something that didn't sound right. Instead of the normal quiet of the woods, I could hear a soft rumble. It wasn't a menacing sound, just an out of place one.

I listened to the sound for another minute, trying to place it. That's when it hit me. I had heard that noise before, almost every night. Zephyr. He snored in his sleep. And it sounded just like the low rumbling I could hear now.

I sprinted toward the sound, a giant sense of relief flooding over me. At least something was going right.

I arrived in a clearing a few seconds later. In the center was Zephyr and Emma, curled up together. I don't know if that was intentional, or they just ended up that way. I found them! I projected through my mind in an almost scream. I found them, I repeated, more quietly this time.

You did! I heard Chloe think. Her voice held the same relief and joy that I felt.

Where are you? I heard Jet think. That was just like Jet. Getting right down to the point.

I have no idea, I replied truthfully. I was completely lost.

That's okay, I'll find you. Chloe stay where you are. I'll get you, too. I felt Jet leave my mind, and then Chloe did, too.

"Zephyr, Emma!" I said, finally walking over to them. They both woke with a start and untangled themselves. I could see their faces slowly grow red. "What happened to you guys?" I asked.

"Zephyr woke up," Emma started, and then stopped, looking unsure of her self.

"Yeah, I can see that," I said in a pointing-out-the-obvious kind of voice.

"And then I saw something," Emma continued. She told me the story slowly, like she still only half believed it herself.

"You think you saw the ghost of Liz's father?" I asked, just trying to make sure. If you had asked me if that was possible a year ago, I would have said no. But now… now I thought anything could be possible.

"Not exactly his ghost, but something similar. More like his conscience in a semi-corporal form."

"Let's just stick with ghost," I said. "It's easier to say and explain that way."

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