"When the Snow Falls"

Posted as part of Project 365 - for the day: May 6, 2012

When the snow falls,
give me a hand up;
I'm not ready to go.

When the light
is dim and faint;
I think it's enough
to finally let go.

As I fade out,
the night's descent
makes me question everything.
Where have I been?
I come to wondering
where I am
and if I have the strength
to face another day
when the night ends.

When the cold north wind
blows my warmth across the plains,
lighting like ashes
on the wings of death,
I think I've sunk
as far as I can.

When the stars fade,
strain a smile—
it's all the same;
irony in a travesty,
our life's sham.

This cynic's relief
is another icy crystal
in our collection of gems;
the scars reveal
where we are
and where we've been.

Shame whispers,
but anger shouts,
and revenge is haunting;
sweet turns
to decay,
and this winter night is bitter cold
and best not served,
because I don't appreciate being served
this lot.

When my blood pours,
call my name;
save something
worth saving.

Maybe it's not too late;
Don't give up on me.

When the snow falls,
grief laments
the losses it has accrued.

When the snow falls…
give me a hand up;
I'm not ready to go.