"All I Need Is One Good Reason"*

Posted as part of Project 365 - for the day: May 9, 2012

She stared out across the mid-cities' manmade skyline. Blank was her face, and in her eyes, emptiness. Hands clasped behind her back and shoulders even effused a certain level of calm, but the façade was little more than a front to hide the despair coiling like toxic smoke beneath the hatch and latch.

Absently, she noted all the ways she could put her life at risk or even seal her own casket. Easy enough, all things considered. Life was frail like that; one little misstep, one intentional flight of chancy whim, accidents and intentional stunts, and that's it. It's almost…too easy.

Were she more prone to the selfish indulgence of caving under the pain and despair, too wearied and depleted to fight back because it'll put her out more, and she might see through the absurd in her head.

The truth was, all she needed was one good reason.

So far, there wasn't any. Not for taking her life, not for moving forward; not for smiling, not for weeping. Everything just…was. And it was a monotony that was driving her crazy, a stagnant bitter nothingness that ate away at anything that might be something inside of her.

Life was like that.

*Written for my LJ P365, Day 9. Prompt criteria was to quote or paraphrase all or part of the day's lyric in the fill(s); lyric was the chorus of This City Awaits' "One Good Reason." Since it was written for LJ-P365, it is merely a glimpse; I may continue it, were the inspiration to strike. I welcome your feedback and thoughts.