"We'll be together forever." is what he said to me.
All a stupid lie, and now I finally see.
I was very foolish, so I believed.
Ever since then, I became no longer free.

I gave you my love, I gave you my heart.
Bu it was meaningless to you, you easily tore it apart.

I dreamt of you, waiting by the Wintermore Tree.
That was the exact place you said you'd meet me.

I waited and waited, never did you come.
Was this all a game to you? Man was I dumb.

You left me for that girl with dark brown hair.
When I saw you two together, all I could do was stare.

You looked my way, and out your visions came a glare.
All I could do was ask "To you, is this fair?"

Tears made its way down my eyes.
Because of you, everything from me has been deprived.

I loved you with my heart, mind, and soul.
You abandoning me, was similar to burying me in hot coal.

You responded to my question with a casual shrug.
My eyes widen, at that pull of a tug.

You clasped your new woman's hand, looking into my eyes with such pride.
Witnessing your actions was one hell of a ride.

Right then and there, I knew I deeply died.

You took her by the waist, and led her away.

The last thing you said, was the only thing ringing in my head.

"Good-Bye Lilith. I won't be sleeping with you in bed."

The way you smoothly moved with your woman out of my sight.
I envied you for it, I craved for a knife.

The despair that filled me, the hatred in my heart.
Oh Jesus help, that tore me apart.

Right then and there, and idea automatically flew.
Thus, I knew exactly what I would do.

I took the gun hidden inside the sleeve of my shirt.
My feet carried me forward, crunching against the dirt.

I pulled the trigger, aiming right for your head.


A nose was made, and I knew I shot you dead.

Your woman was so frighten, she ran her hardest away.
But little did she know, their was no escape.

I aimed the gun to her heart, for me to hit.
She fell on the ground, making a final trip.

My eyes bloodshot, my face sinister.
This was all fate, happening on the coldest winter.


I pulled the trigger and shot her dead.
Her blood mixed with her tears, everything shed.

I broke down crying, relieved that was all finally over.
Is this something that is known to be drover?

I do not feel regret for any of my actions.
To me this was, a bit of an attraction.

I breathe out slowly, my tears never ending.
This is for Hell, where my heart rest never mending.

I take the gun and point it to the side of my head.
That was my final move, and my last word said...

"I hate this World. I wish to be dead."


Now neither of us will be sleeping together in bed.