Silence is a way to express yourself. When your mad, you grow quiet. When your sad, you grow quiet. When your hurt, you grow quiet. When your just confused, you grow quiet. You want everything to be still, quiet, and lifeless. Maybe not for long, maybe for a long while. Just as long as you need to re-group. So if you need me to, I'll be quiet for you.

I'll Be Quiet


by XxmickeyTxX


Don't stop what you're doing,

But listen to what I have to say.

This immediate silence is what's breaking me today.


I know you need some time,

And I'm sorry for what I said.

Sometimes my true thoughts just can't stay in my head.


I feel you through the phone,

I hear you through your silence,

And I can't help but feel alone.


Tell me to leave,

Or tell me to stay.

I can't hear you,

And I can't hear me say.


So I'll shush now,

I'll be out of the way.

If that's what you need,

I'll be perfectly quiet today.

I may decide to break the silence; all you have to do is review.