This girl,

She's insecure.

She looks at herself thinking what a pity

Wishing she could be anything close to pretty

Everyone tells her she's beautiful

That those blue eyes are anything but pitiful

But she shrugs them off not believing a word

She looks in the mirror and sees a face full of fear

Someone with potential, but for now only queer

Deep inside she knows she's too hard on herself

So she hides from everyone else

Only allowing one side of the story to show

Wishing other people would know

This girl,

She's hard on herself.

She only half-heartedly thanks herself for all she does

Says she can't sing and can't play sports

That she's fat and way too short

People call her confident

But she says it's by accident

She looks at her performance discouragingly

Wishing someone could say something encouraging

She only shows the smiles and grins

Never showing who she truly is within

This girl,

She's scared.

Scared that if she tells her parents these things

They'll be scared too

She's willing to ask for help,

But how?

She doesn't want to starve herself

She doesn't want to hurt herself

She just wants to be healthy

She just wants to be happy