The Daydreamer and the Heiress

The fortunate; the not usually seen,

there is a long gap in between.

One has a river of gold, the other, a river of mold.

Both, though, grow old.

The daydreamer sits by the ocean's sweet shore,

never once wondering what life is for.

He has nothing but the clothes on his back

and the skill in his hands.

The heiress parades through her vibrant gardens,

thinking she knows everything there is to know.

She has never been curious about anything else

but her father's wealth.

Two separate worlds,

with a vast network of circuitry wedged between

never shall once meet.

Yet Destiny has her own means

and does whatever she pleases.

So it is on a previously uneventful day,

The daydreamer with little to nothing

and the heiress with almost everything

came to be on the same road

at the same hour.

When they came into view

of each another,

neither knew or had seen the other before.

They were perfect strangers.

But then, with a smirk,

Destiny took their lives in her hands

and all it took was a moment.

A second of time.

There was, in the market, a fishmonger,

simple yet cheerful in life.

But he and his stall of oily, smelly ocean-dwellers

Would be fated into this story after all.

For when Destiny decided to act,

The daydreamer and the heiress were walking past.

An accidental bump sufficed as a greeting,

smiles were flashed and apologies followed.

The heiress picked herself up

and left with haste,

she had no time for the moneyless.

The daydreamer followed her for a moment,

hesitated, then finally turned in the other direction

to go and dream away another so far bright day.

Destiny sighed and shook her head

"You can't win them all" she quietly said.

"Perhaps in a distant time and place

they were meant to be.

But today it is not decreed."