In response to her poem

To the only person in this dastardly world I will ever truly love, but to whom I shall never send this letter—

You say you are the flower that is wilting

If so, then let me be your sunlight

You say that there's no light for your black hole

I'll coax it open then come in your arms

You say your tears are gone from your body

That must be because you've transferred them to me

I never see you crying around others

You only shed your tears in front of me

But I find I never cry when I'm around you

For, the only thing I feel is happiness

That is why, when you are gone,

Those tears I have left for all those times

Come pouring from my eyes just like a waterfall

The water which I'll use to water you,

The flower.

Flower, so refined, and yet so black

Whose nightmares make you an insomniac

When I read your words, I find the tears are coming back

But when you smile

My cheeks are dry

So please come back.

You say you were born for no purpose in this world

Then why are you so important to me?

Happy tears, sad tears

They all rain down

I like the happy ones much better.

You say I am the better of the two of us,

But really, you're the best thing in the world.

You say I am now more of a friend than your sister

Can't I be both? What's so wrong with that?

You say you have forgotten just how to be cool

Well, I think you're amazing! You can do so much I can't

You say you think that you do not fill me with much hope

This is the most absurd—

You're the one reason I'm living

If you had vanished from this Earth, then surely I would be

Following right after you, gone for eternity

You say that you give many hugs, but no one hugs you back

I know I won't send this letter,

So let my hugs make it all better.

You tell yourself you love me, if you know what that word means

And if you don't, then I will just

Have to teach you it and give you happy dreams

For the first time in


Must I really say I love you,

When I can just show you?

You're not just love to me,

You're not just family,

You are my entire world.

I never plan on giving poem to the person I wrote it for because even though I want to… I definitely think that would be a little… um… awkward. But I hope I can, someday. It's just that the last time I tried to tell her I cared about her, she got really depressed and stressed out. I put so much pressure on her on now I feel really bad….

Not only that, but I'm afraid that if I told her something like this, it would sound really fake and cheesy. But it's how I honestly feel. And I want to share that with the world, because most people today barely know anything about love. They usually either associate it with the romantic kind, which we have seen the modern world's view of through the Bachelor and Bacheloretter TV shows. But love shouldn't be like that. What ever happened to the caring kind, just wanting the best for someone else? It's always me, me, me, I, I, I. It's never her, it's never him. The people we love need to know just how much we love them. So I hope this helps.