AN: This is just a really short story I wrote for my English class. :)

The sky was a flurry of colours in the fading light; the sun beams disappearing to a darkening blue sky filled with twinkling stars. The room was laced with tension and emotion as my father lay on the bed, slowly dying. My stepmother and I stood at his bedside, clasping both of his pale hands. We were both crying, but for very different reasons.

My father was one of the richest and most influential men in the country. However, none of his power or wealth could help him now as he rested on the bed, waiting for his time to move on to another life. He had married my stepmother three years ago, a woman of great beauty and charm, when I was ten years old and he had believed himself to be in love with her.

Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for her. Money was the utmost important fixation in her life. Nothing else mattered as I found out in the past few years, longing for a mother to show me love and care.

My stepmother, or Christine as I called her, was pleading to my father, attempting to show him the love she had never shown in the extent of their marriage. But it was too late. He knew she was putting on an act for the possession of his whole wealth.

Instead he gazed at me, ignoring her pleas of untrue love, while my tears trickled slowly down my face. He squeezed my hand, his grasp weak. I smiled miserably at him. Seeing this exchange between my father and me, my stepmother became desperate and clutched his shoulders, shaking him violently.

'Please don't leave me!' she screeched.

'Don't leave me without money. Give your money to me, not to her!' She gestured angrily at me.

'You know how much I love you.'

She tenderly touched his cheek, but he shoved her hand off his face. Anger and hate appeared on her flawless face, her eyes not a bit swollen from crying. She slapped me harshly. My face flew to the side, my hand rising to my stinging cheek. Fury materialised on my father's face.

'Nurse! Nurse! Come here immediately!' he shouted fiercely though his voice was feeble. When the nurse ran into the room, he pointed at his wife, hand trembling.

'Get her out of my sight,' his voice softening with every word. The nurse grabbed my stepmother, hauling her out of the room.

'No, get off me! Honey, honey, please give me the money. You love me. I know you do,' she yelled as her voice faded behind the closing door.

I turned back to face my father. He smiled at me, a tear sliding down his face. I crouched down so my face was near his.

'Father, are you afraid?' I whispered. He shook his head.

'How can I be afraid if I'll be with your mother again?' He smiled softly. 'I can't wait to see her again. I know she's waiting for me.'

He looked at me, love and admiration shining brightly in his bright blue eyes; a startling contrast to the pallor of his face.

He gently took my hand in between his palms. 'Jane, I just wanted to let you know the money is yours. It's not Christine's, it's yours. To do with as you please,' he said lovingly.

'It will never be Christine's… just remember that.' My eyes started tearing up again, the result spilling on to my cheeks.

'Father, don't leave me with Christine. She hates me,' I said desperately. I knew his end was near, just around the corner.

'I'm sorry I married her,' he sighed. 'I wanted you to have a mother.'

Unexpectedly, Christine burst screaming into the room. Two nurses pursued after her, grasping her arms and shoulder, dragging her from the room.

'Honey, don't die. I know you changed the will,' she shrieked. 'Change it back so the money is mine. All mine!' The nurses wrestled with her while she struggled. My father tugged on my hand, grabbing my attention.

'Jane, I'm leaving.' I started sobbing loudly.

Christine's voice diminished in the background, leaving silence in my head. I stared into his eyes, watching him memorise my appearance. Then the clock struck seven, its announcement ringing noisily as the life faded out of my father's bright eyes.

Then I was left alone in the world, without love.