I wonder

Macabe wonderings

Not because I am sad

Or angry

Because I am simply

Slightly hopeless and

Utterly pessmistic

This melonchoily wondering

Can be put into

A fairly simplistic nutshell

Everyone knows the phrase

"Quit when you're ahead"


I contemplate

Over whether I should apply that

To my mortality

If I did

There would be sadness

It would be selfish I admit

Perhaps too much so

Definatly too much so


The selfish little part of me


Why not die when I am happy?

Would it not put my soul in a better state for eturnity

I cannot totally justify this depressing ideal

Nor should I really

But I cannot help but ponder it

It is a intreguing thought you must admit

So now I take my leave

To contemplate my application of the classic phrase

And perhaps act on it

Good bye