That morning…

That morning changed everyone's life.


Sandra Armstrong's Point of View

I was late, why? Some stupid idiot was keeping me up all night playing their damn video games at high volume until like 4 A.M in the damn fucken morning! I'm going to kill him once I get home.

I opened my locker quickly and grabbed my stuff I needed. I slammed my locker shut without a second thought and ran down the hallway. I can hear other late people do the same thing. I had to get to class before I get caught and have detention.

I took a sharp turn once I reached the hallway and collided with several people. It was like a car crash at a four way intersection on the streets. My stuff was dropped far from me, but since we all went to a school with uniform code and same bag (which I find stupid!) thing going on, I can't find mine!

"Shit! You know you don't run into someone with tired, black eyes!" A boy shouted at all of us. He sat on the ground with no effort in trying to stand up.

I looked at him then almost killed him, "You're in my neighborhood….were you playing video games?" I asked.

He nodded, groaning. He held his head and wanted to fall asleep on the ground. I grabbed him by the tie he wore, "You kept me up all night! Who plays video games that late on a school day!" I screamed in his face.

The other girls that we collided with pulled me away from the boy. He didn't look effected, "Well I'm sorry that I have no life!" He exclaimed.

"Cool down!" One girl shouted at the two of us, "we are all in the same class considering we were all going the same way, don't know about dog boy over there, but we should get straight to class before a adult catches us!" she reasoned.

Another boy helped the tired one off the ground. They looked like close friends, but who cares about the tired boy who ruined my night, for all I care he can be a lonely person. "Let's just get going!" The boy I'm pissed at yelled.

"How long were you two up?" Another one of the girls asked me.

"4 in the fucken morning!" I shouted, making sure the tired one heard me. He just held up his hand up with the peace sign.

We all were fast walking after grabbing random bags off the ground not checking which one is which. All of us staying silent, well beside both me and dog boy yelling at each other.

"Finally!" I groaned once I saw our classroom. The boy walking with dog boy was about to turn the knob when, scrrreeeeecchhhhh ing sound from a whistle was heard from down the hall.

We all turned around and saw the strictest teacher ever, Mr. Bruno. He walked towards us with a smirk on his face and the detention slip and pen in his hand, "Look who we have here, first time detentioners? Besides you Mr. Wolfhead." He greeted.

The guy that I loathe groaned, "Hello Mister Bruno, still single as ever?" he asked.

"How about you? Still as lonely and lifeless as always?" Mr. Bruno replied, and gave all of us detention slips.

After a few hours of several boring classes where I fell asleep and had all my classes with dog boy….detention for two and a half hours!

I sat in the far corner, writing in my journal. Everyone that was in our tiny group came in with a few more people getting in trouble during class.

"You are to remain silent for two hours and a half, I will be here to release you once that is up." Mr. Bruno explained before walking out to the teacher lounge.

Dog boy sat on his desk to face everyone sitting in back of him since he was the "favorite" student in detention, "Since we are here in detention and I can't fall asleep, let's talk," he explained, "I'm Jay Archer, you can obviously call me Okami." Jay introduced himself.

Everyone looked at each other. We looked at Jay weirdly before I spoke up, "Sandra Armstrong, obviously going to kick Jay's ass for not letting me sleep!" I smirked.

"Melody Charms." A girl in the corner waved. She was listening to her IPod with a grin.

Another boy sat on the desk next to Jay, "Clyde McConroy." He grinned, while Jay and him did a random handshake with a final snap which I found weird yet amusing.

"Christine Rene, call me CJ if you want." A girl close to Jay, greeted with a smile.

"Aimee Macedonia." Another girl greeted.

"Destiny Suhn!" A girl greeted from the back row where I was at. She had a grin on her face which I find weird seeing we are all talking to this weird dog boy and we are in detention, but that's just my opinion.

"My name is Alex Rizzo, may call me the most awesomeness of all people since your lives just got better for hearing my name." A girl teased before messing up Jay's hair.

"My hair!" Jay complained.

"It was messy as it was before!" I called, teasing him. I could sense a mini rivalry building between us and seeing we live in the same neighborhood? My life just got interesting.

"Natalie Hunter and Phoniex Bryon." Two girls in the middle row introduced themselves. I smirked to myself, this is a interesting group of people to be around since I barely know them. Making new friends is such a great feeling.

After a whole 30 minutes of just introducing ourselves, we began talking normally to each other. It was like the future or fate was trying to tell me, this is going to be my second family that I can trust, but I shook that feeling off and just resumed talking to Christine, Alex, and Destiny.

What was a hectic morning turn into a unforgettable encounter.