I don't want
To be the reason why
You cried

I didn't know
You'd go back
to where we hung out

I didn't think
That you would fall down
And you'd cry

I want to say
I'm sorry for not
Being there

I wish I could
Hug you once more
To stop your tears

But I want to say
That yesterday
I went home

And cried

I hate the feeling
Of sadness and loneliness
And the feeling of guilt

I hate that you make me
Run home and cry
Like a little girl

I hate how I never
Ever said I was sorry
But now

It's time for you
To say your sorry

Falling so far
Making me write three poems
For you

Never asking me
If I'm okay
Or if I need a hug

Never thinking
That when I'm happy
On the outside

That I'm dying
on the inside,
Like you

I want you to stop and reverse
Everything you did
And be my friend

Once more

I want us to go
Back to that place
And laugh

I want to joke
And play
And hug

And dance
But never cry

Never be alone again,
Never have to write
Another poem

About you