I yawned loudly, lazily grouping around my couch in search of the remote. It was one o' clock in the morning and I was tried as hell. But I wanted to stay up to watch the end of NCIS. I knew that was probably a mistake, and I would defiantly regret this at work tomorrow.

I found my remote sitting on one of pillows. After NCIS was over, the channel had switched over to the late night news. An anchorman was talking loudly, in a tired voice, which suggested he wanted to go home.

"And in other news, escaped convict Henry Cutler is still on the loose. Police have stated that Henry may have hidden in the dense woods, which are near the prison he escaped from. Authorities express doubt of finding him, as the woods cover over one hundred miles and are notoriously de-"

I clicked the off switch on my remote and the TV went dark, cutting the anchorman off. I groaned, dragging myself off the couch and began to walk in a zombie-like fashion towards my bedroom.

My footsteps awoke my dog, Robert, from his snooze. He lifted his head from where it had been lying on the floor, and wagged his tail sleepily at me.

"Sorry, boy," I grunted, stepping over him. "I'm too tired to play right now."

I came to my bedroom door at the other end of the room. I grabbed the doorknob, and pushed it open. My room was dark, to my annoyance, and I groped around for the light switch. I eventually found it after some searching and clicked on the light.

The sudden flash of brightness made me blink. I rubbed my eyes, clearing away some spots. I heard a loud snort behind me and turned. Robert had fallen back asleep on his spot on the floor. I smiled, and then shut the door to my bedroom.

I got into my bed, which was nice and warm. Sighing, I clicked off the light, plunging the room back into darkness. Leaning against my soft pillow, I began to fall asleep.

But suddenly, there was a loud barking noise from the other side of my door. I jumped up, and groaned. It was plainly Robert barking.

Sighing, I reluctantly threw off the covers and walked back to my bedroom door. Robert often caught sight of himself in the mirror and assumed it was another dog. He would then start to bark at himself, hoping to scare the "intruder" off. I'd have to calm him down so he'd be quiet and let me go to sleep.

"Robert," I grunted, shoving some of my long blonde hair away from my eyes. "I've told you a thousand times, it's just your reflection. I've got to go to work tomorrow, so can you please be quiet?"

I looked around, and to my surprise, Robert wasn't in front of the mirror. Instead, his parking was coming from the back door of my house.

I felt my skin grow cold. What if a burglar was trying to get into my house?

Take it easy, I thought to myself. It's probably just a raccoon or something trying to get into your trash. You're a big strong woman. Don't let that scare you.

Still, I opened up my closet and grabbed a baseball bat just in case.

Walking toward my back door, which led into my yard, I saw Robert barking ferociously at it. The door was one of the clear glass ones, which allow me to see directly outside.

Robert began to scratch at the door, barking louder than ever. I leaned down next to him, and patted him on the head.

"What's out there, boy?" I whispered. Robert stopped barking and looked up at me. He whined and pawed the door again.

I looked outside, searching in the darkness for any sign of movement. I didn't see anything, though, after several minutes of looking. Deciding it had just been a wild animal, I was about to reassure Robert, when I did see something.

I looked up again, and scanned outside. Just now, I thought I had seen the faintest of movements in the darkness. I stood up, holding my baseball bat tightly. Robert suddenly starting barking again.

Then, I saw something at the very back of my front yard. It was a flash of red light so brief I could have missed it if I blinked. And as fast as it had appeared, the red light vanished.

Robert stopped barking. He sat down on the floor, panting and looking up at me. I watched the yard again, waiting for any more sign of movement. But I saw nothing. Sighing, I scratched the back of my neck and put my baseball bat down on the floor.

Okay, I thought. Guess it's gone, whatever it…was. Maybe there was nothing there to begin with.

Still, I felt a bit uneasy. I looked down and saw Robert was snoring on the floor.

Why can't I be more like him? I thought, Robert's snores making me laugh a little. He doesn't care about what he saw. He just goes right back to sleep. Well, it helps that he's got the attention span of a squirrel, but still.

I walked away from the door, back to my bedroom and closed the bedroom door again. I got back into bed, closing my eyes and settling back in my previous position.

Soon, the world faded away and with it, my troubles. Right before I was out cold, I thought I heard a faint humming noise at the foot of my bed. But before I could think about the noise, everything went dark and I was sound asleep.