I sat on a chair in my house, staring out the window. It was completely dark in my house. The power had been shut off two weeks ago. I figured Redlight must have had something to do with it. Maybe it was trying to get me to come outside my haven. But it wouldn't get me. I could live without power.

Every inch of space in my house was coated in salt. I had payed careful attention to the front door, back door, windows, and my bedroom. There was no way Redlight could get in now. No way at all.

I had been living alone here for two weeks. Never once had I ventured outside during that time. Outside was dangerous. Redlight lived outside. It was waiting for me out there, waiting for me to take a single step out my front door. But I wouldn't. I would survive by any means necessary. And that meant never again venturing outside my house.

I looked out the window, into my back yard. Several times, I had glimpsed flashes of red light outside my window, usually around midnight or one o' clock in the morning. It was watching me. Always watching. And waiting.

I laughed quietly.

"You'll never get me, Redlight," I whispered in my dark empty house. "Never. I'm safe here. Safe from you and other things in the dark. I have all that I need here. Food and water. You think you can starve me out, that I'll eventually have to go outside to get food or something else. Well, I'd rather die then face you again. Perhaps I will. But I'm…I'm okay with that."

I looked down at a journal in my lap. I had filled it with writings over the past two weeks, writing about Redlight. Hopefully, somebody would find it. It was the only record of Redlight's true form. I had drawn Redlight's form the best I could. I had written everything Mr. Reaper had told me and more that I had learned for myself.

Someday, someone would figure out how to kill the monster that was out there. Long after I was gone, perhaps one hundred years from now.