Anna asked again about spending the night.

I told her mom was busy.

I told her she couldn't focus with the extra noise.

I told her she was going out of town.

Jamie wanted to come to my house to work on our project for school.

I told her there was no place to work.

I told her we didn't have all the supplies.

I told her it's easier to work at her house.

Joey, my boyfriend, asked if he could come over for dinner.

I told him mom said no.

I told him we had company.

I told him my mom wouldn't be home until 11:30.

I love my friends,

But I don't want them anywhere near my house.

I don't want them to see the mess.

I don't want them to get glass bottles thrown at them from my mom.

I don't want them to be beaten.

I don't want them to see Hell.

I don't want them to meet my insane mother.