"Don't you dare come back unless you start earning by yourself!" screamed my uncle a Good-bye. Bassically, a Rude-bye...
New place, new school, new society- how much more can this life cange. I lost my mother at a very young age. I started living with my dad, only my dad, but God wasn't happy. He snatched him away as well. My uncle started hating me since then. He decided to send me here - in Salt Lake, a city in U.S.A. All he did before leaving me all alone was that he introduced me to the owner of this rented place, where I was perhaps supposed to spend my life, he showed me the direction to my new school- "West Wellin High School", gave me the necessary amount of money and went away. Welcome to another hell.

I started with school a week later. First day was utterly confusing : I had to struggle a lot to find myself a seat in the last row of the classroom. I managed to fit myself in one of the two places that were left empty. No one bothered to talk to me. No one could understand how much I was missing my old school, my life. But life wasn't that mean as well.

I made a friend. His name was Gabe Williams. He sat next to me. It was the fifth day of school, during lunch when all of a sudden he said, "Hey, Umm.. you're new here? I'm Gabe".

"Hello, yes, I am Amy Villow", was my reply.

"Where are you from?", he asked.

"South Park Avenue, Canada", I said.

"Finding it difficult to adjust yourself out here?", he asked further. There was not much silence in the room.

"Well, not that much.", I lied and smiled.

We used to talk and talk almost everyday. I shared about my personal life with him, he did the same, friendship developed. Smooth, all very smooth and pretty. He was amazing. Sweet, friendly, caring. In fact he didn't have many such friends out here. We became close friends within one or two months, exchanged numbers, danced together in the socials, became partners in our geology project, partners in pranks and stupid crimes.

Then one day, after school.

We were much discussing about passion, weird, I know. "I love playing the piano. I started learning it when I was eleven. But my father never liked it that much, so I had to leave it midway. My dreams were shattered. But then, I'm stubborn", he said and laughed.

"Means?", I enquired. "Hmm...I started earning and kept a piano teacher for myself", he smirked. "You earn?", I was surprised.

"Part-time job. I work in the Baron's Cafetaria during the weekends, the days when we are off from school. The little I get, it keeps me going. But you know, no one really cares how I play, good or bad. There are already so many in the limelight. I am just another random guy, people are least interested", and he paused.
"I am there with you", I spoke without thinking, which made him smile.
"You're the only one. Thank you for being a part of my life", he melted.

I smiled back, "No, thank you. You don't know what you mean to me right now. You're a friend who entered my life when I have no one else.""Always there", he murmured and smiled again. That day was special. I made a best friend. After our examinations got over he told me once, "You know, you're gonna get a free front seat for my concert of I ever perform". "I am glad", I was very glad.

A month later during vacations he rings me up. "Hello", I said. "I AM PERFORMING! Front row seat for you!", he shouted with joy. I was so happy, I couldn't express. "Planning to send a cab at your place. The driver will take you to the stage where I am going to perform, next Saturday, 7 p.m. Don't you worry, I will be there. In fact I won't be performing without meeting you once at least. I can't believe. Finally I am going to have my concert in Fever Square! I am not kidding...", he exclaimed. We talked for a few minutes more and then I hung up.

The day arrives, finally. The cab arrived in time. I got dressed in my best attire. Super-excited like never before. The engine jerked and the cab accelerated towards Fever Square. It stopped in front of a huge gate. I searched for a reasonable amount in my purse.

"No ma'am, I am already paid", the driver said and went away. I felt light and weird. I pushed the gate that said 'PUSH' and entered a semi-crowded room. The people over there were in excessive make-overs. There was a lady at the reception.

"Excuse me, Can you tell me the direction towards the auditorium?", I asked her. She slided her glasses down through her nose and looked at me as if she was a man-eater and I appeared to be very tasty. "Your name please?", she enquired. "Amy Villow", I declared.
She started rolling her fingers down through a page of a fat book..a register to be particular. She was searching for something within the register. I didn't know what or why. She got up from her chair, smiled and said simultaneously, "Come...Come with me".

Now this was weird. They kept record of the people coming for the concert? No passes? Nothing? Just then I received a text message from Gabe, "Where are you?". Excited enough, I replied, "I am here. I reached. Coming!" The lady took me through the dark carpetted stairs. Grand. She pulled a heavy door which said "PULL". The entry of the auditorim- I couldn't wait! The lady gestured me to get in. "How will I find a seat in the front row?", I asked. "Get in..walk a few steps ahead, you will find another door. That's the huge entry of the auditorium. The place ain't dark. The front row seats are almost empty", she said.
"Thanks"..and I smiled.
I walked further and found the door. I pushed myself in.

"Welcome, Miss Any Villow", a man stood up from a chair where he was seated, in the cabin. I didn't know what exactly was happening. Two men from the back instantly held my hand. Gabe came out from a room inside and says.."So Mr. Marter. I was talking about this girl. Miss Any Villow. So as pre-planned, you're purchasing her and I am getting 20,000$(dollars) in exchange".