I stood still. I stood still and I gulped. I gulped and I realised. I realised, but it was too late.

Gabe smirked at me. I looked at him, those eyes, the eyes of a deceiver.
"What's wrong Gabe?" I asked him, with a want of confirmation. His eyes still stuck on me. "So, how did you find my performance?" he mocked, turned around, loitered and vanished.

That bloody Mr. Marter warned the guards to keep a tight grip on me. He crossed past the table and then he headed downstairs. I couldn't escape. The men held on to my wrists and soon we were following that Marter.

I was unable to think. My hands hurt and mental anguish took a toll on me.

A car stopped right in front of us. I was pushed within. Bloody Marter sat in front with the driver. Quite predictable, I was at the back with the guards, trapped in every possible way.

I took a deep breath, the car accelerated.

Confused as never, I tried to console myself.

Dear Father, what kind of a surprise is this? I thought my life was changing for the good. I don't know if it's gonna be good or worse, but I would always thank you for the little time I had with Gabe. What is happening? This is unnatural.

I got distracted by bloody Marter's abrupt voice. "Don't worry young babe. You're beautiful. Beautiful people are sent for a purpose. You'll have a great time out there."

I tried to inhale and exhale forcibly to comfort myself. I couldn't get anything. I didn't know what was happening and what was about to happen.

The car halted.