night has fallen
with the moonlight creeping through the glass panel,
gleaming and eerily mysterious,
her voice echoes throughout the tiny room,
as they lay curled up.
"you can't have anymore of me."
he wants to say why but he knows the reason.

it's not fair, he wants to argue,
but the subject would change quickly,
and everything would spiral out his control.

he wants her,
she needs him,
but he is stuck in this game with her,
struggling for control,
and to end up with her in the end.

but he's not the prince,
she's not a damsel in distress nor a princess.

she's fragile,
and he's angry ,
and she's so, so broken
and it's so unfair to them both, to him the most.

tears fall from her eyes,
her green catlike eyes,
almost childlike now.
he doesn't look at her (fear of that he will give in,) and he stares at the ceiling instead,
and just cradles her,
knowing this is what he's only going to get from her and he knows this has to be the limit.

it changes once but then resumes normal:
she never says the words but mouths this only;
"i'm sorry,"
and he accepts her back,
because he loves her too much,
because this what he's going to get.

he wants her,
and she needs him,
but she's selfish and wants him, (not him,) too,
and wants them both.

he knows the days will go on endlessly,
and these moonlight embraces, he actually enjoys,
will come to an end,
and he knows that the cycle will soon be broken.

but that's okay,
because they are both selfish,
entangled in this giant spiderweb together.

and in the end:
she's the queen,
and him is the pauper,
and the other guy is just another reason
this whole thing will crumble.