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Set in 3057, in a world where genetically modified humans are exiled from society. A young girl, Aliyah, sold by her father to a work house, when he found out that his mistress and the mother of Aliyah was a AZARIA or winged breed .Aliyah has know idea she is a butterfly winged breed until on her 17th birthday, when small black shapes form on her shoulder blades.

Tragedy strikes, breeds go missing, when the harsh breath of death surrounds them. Is Aliyah strong enough to protect her new friends and family!


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Chapter 1: THE ESCAPE


The end is near, the end of my life here in the work house, I thought excitedly, as Madame Lang (or That Woman as I like to call her) shouted for lights out. I switched my light out and rolled on to my side, careful not to crush my small, newly grown butterfly wings by moving to fast.

It has been hard trying to keep my new wings a secret, because if anyone ever found out that I was an Azaria breed, I would be labeled a freak and shunned like the other breeds were a thousand years ago.

I sighed softly to myself as I picked up my cell phone and checked for the thousandth time today that my alarm was set for twelve o'clock tonight, but set on vibrate. I looked around for somewhere to put it, and in the end, stuffed it in my bra.

Hey, what's a girl to do? I closed my eyes, content with the idea of busting out of here tonight.

I was flying through the forest on the tops of the trees, frantically looking for something… no, someone. For some reason, the name Soul came to mind. Soul….

What kind of name is that? I thought mockingly. I was to busy laughing to myself to notice the branch. Too late, it had whacked me. I was falling, pain vibrating against my breast.

"Aww!" I accused the branch, only to find myself awake and my phone vibrating in my bra. I took it out and switched it off.

"Okay… come on Aliyah Shooter, let's do this!" I whispered to myself.

As I grabbed the rucksack I had previously stocked with some food and some gold coins I'd stolen form That Woman's desk, I tiptoed towards the only window in our big dorm. I checked my watch to make sure the time was exactly 12:03 (as that was the time when the power switches from solar to generated power, to keep the alarm and heat sensors going). It was exactly that. I slowly opened the window and unfolded my wings, careful not to knock anything over or bash them against my rucksack.

I took a deep breath, let it out, and leaped out of the window, surging my wings down in powerful strokes as I zoomed away from that awful place. I laughed joyfully at the thought of never seeing that place again.

It felt so good to finally be flying again, for real this time instead of sweeping around the huge work house hangers, terrified of being discovered. A few hours later, once the busy city below me had turned into farmlands and gently folded into a glorious jungle- like forest, I rolled my shoulders back and forth trying to stretch out the ache that had begun to throb there.

I yawned and decided to land so I could get some sleep. I swooped down and gently hovered through the dense branches and leaves to the ground. I collapsed onto the ground at the base of a huge oak that had surprisingly soft moss on its trunk.

I took out my food and began to eat, when I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly.

When I awoke the next morning, I was a groggy and stiff. I stretched, letting my wings fold out behind me. My mouth tasted bad and I needed to pee. So I got up in search of a leaf with my name on it.

An hour or so later I was off once again, swooping through the branches of the trees, smiling my head off.

After flying for a few more hours, I decided to land in a huge tree and eat my lunch rations. I landed on a large branch that stretched out in front of me and over a lake. I smiled and took out my lunch and tucked in. While I was eating, a family of deer had wandered down to the lake for a drink. I giggled as the pair of fawns jumped and chased each other in the long grass.

I carried on watching them, until they wandered away from the lake. I sighed and decided to go for a swim in the water.

Floating down to the ground, I left my rucksack safely secured up in the branch. I took my clothes off and waded slowly into the cool water, and when I was deep enough, I dived under. My head popped up and I breathed in deeply. I rolled on my back, closed my eyes and let the calming effects of the water wash over me as the sun warmed my face. I heard my own steady breathing, the soft chatter of birds and the gentle whistle of the wind down the mountains. I grumbled as my body began to shiver. I reluctantly dipped back down again and swam to the edge of the river. I sat down in the sun and waited for my wings to dry, so I could get my stuff and keep moving.

It was getting dark and I desperately needed to land, but I couldn't find a big enough tree or meadow to land on. I saw a branch that looked thick enough to take my weight. I swooped down and touched my heels down gently on the branch.

I was rewarded with an earsplitting crack, and I yelped as I began to fall down and took off again.

It was getting really late now and I was only guided by the stars' and moon's light. I got worried and started to wonder when I would be too tired to fly anymore, and fall to my death. I gasped excitedly when I saw the outline of a meadow coming up to my left, and I had just enough strength to land before I passed out.

When I awoke it was to the soft snuffling sound of something close. I opened my eyes groggy and was greeted by the pointy ears of a red fox. I jerked back, startling the fox, which bounded away with an irritated snort at being interrupted. I sighed and tried to calm my racing heart.

"Come, Aliyah. Stop being dumb, it's just a fox," I mumbled to myself. I ate some of my food.

I'll have to find food or some town soon, I thought, as I only had a day or two's rations of food left. I rolled my shoulders and prepared to take off, but my bladder screamed in protest, I grumbled but walked of to the nearest tree to mark my territory. I was finished a few minutes later.

I took of speeding along the tops of the trees as the sun glinted in the sky, smiling happily with me.

Suddenly, something big and black swooped up right in my face. I shrieked and thrust my hands up in front of me, closing my eyes to protect them, but sadly being ditsy me, I forgot to keep flying. I tumbled down at an alarmingly fast rate, screaming for all that I was worth. I crushed my delicate right wing against something cold and hard as I tumbled down.

With out thinking, I instinctively pointed my arms down to the ground and screamed, "Wind!"

And in that moment, it felt as though my fall slowed down and I floated gently to the ground with a hollow thump. I felt something warm trickle down my arm.

What in the Balor? Ah, damn wings hurt, I thought just before I passed out.

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