A/N: Slight attempt at a bit of humor.. Something light and hopefully fluffy :)

He's doing it again.

He's giving me The Look.


Those lips. Those stupid inviting lips. They're turned up in that stupid bright smile. It's like he knows every single stupid thing. It's like he's better than the rest of us. He's like the sun in the dark, the light of the world. See how it affects me? Since when was I poetic?

And God, those eyes. Those light brown, piercing eyes. It's like he's reading me, looking straight through my very soul. Damn those stupid mesmerising eyes. It's like there's no end to them, filled with varying emotions and highly confusing messages.

Damn his perfect face to hell.

I just wish I could wipe that stupid, hypnotising look off of his beautiful face. Maybe then he wouldn't look so smug. Maybe then he wouldn't be able to catch me off guard. I swear, that look will be the death of me.

Maybe I could someday. Right now though, I'll just have to settle to admiring The Look during the rare times it's directed to me. I sound like a lovesick puppy. It's ridiculous. Pathetic. Huh, would you look at that. Another reason to hate The Look. I'm full of contradictions today aren't I? Blame it on him, on The Look. I am seriously never like this. Now I'm just babbling. Gyahh! I'm gonna shut up now.

"Carla? Helloo! Earth to Carla! You there?"

Did I just..? Oh gosh damn it! See how easy it is for me to space out? Did-did he just catch me staring at him? Oh no... Oh holy fudge cake... Oh macaroni and cheese with extra sauce.. He just..I just..just.. Wait, did he just ask me a question?

Carla shook her head profusely to get rid of her little self debate and instead focused on the cause of her troubles.

"Sorry, I was just..uh..thinking about how long it'll take me to..erm..do my homework..yeah that was it, 'cause you know, there's only one week left before school starts up again and-" Carla blabbered in hopes of covering up her obvious staring.

"Uhh, yeah. One week left.." Jonathan replied with a raised eyebrow, a hint of amusement evident in his voice. 'Oh great, he's laughing at me' Carla inwardly thought.

"So what were you saying 'fore I spaced out?" 'Because of your utterly distracting, handsome face' she thought but dared not added.

"Oh yeah, so since there is only one week left, I was thinking that maybe..we could..you know.." Jonathan dragged out.

"Yeahh..?" Carla prodded, eyes increasing in size and twinkle factor, hope bubbling inside.

"..think about planning a study session to finish our homework?" And there went Carla's little bubble of hope as she took on a deflated look. As soon as it came, a smile replaced it quickly to appease her long-time friend.

"Sure..why not?"


*tick tock*

*tick tock* came the silent ticking of the clock. Books scattered around them, all opened on seemingly random pages, Carla tried to concentrate on her Algebra homework. It wasn't that she was bad at Algebra, nor was it the fact that her homework was particularly hard. No, the main reason for her lack of concentration was the innocent looking boy directly in front of her. Somehow, he managed to position himself in such a way that whatever angle Carla tries to shift to, he still manages to stay in her line of sight, thus affecting her ability to concentrate-nevermind try to attempt-her homework. 'It's his fault that he's so adorable and cute and innocent-wait, he is so not innocent-but then..' Carla inwardly sighed as she continued to stare and mentally curse her friend for getting her into her current predicament. As if feeling Carla's stares on him, Jonathan decided to look up at that moment. Their eyes met briefly, in which Jonathan gave her one of his heart-stopping smiles. 'I'm so screwed' Carla thought with dread. She hid her quickly reddening face behind her Math book and tried her best to look focused and busy.

After about 10 minutes, Carla was quickly losing her patience. She closed her book with a *thump* and proceeded to stand up, or at least tried to. A hand caught her wrist just as she was about to stand up, causing her to tumble back down onto the lap of the boy of her dreams..and nightmares.

"What the-!" Carla almost shouted incredulously.

"Giving up already?" Jonathan murmurmed before he pressed his lips onto hers, gently yet firmly. Carla's eyes widened a fraction as her breath hitched, clearly shocked by the bold action, but soon fluttered closed as Jonathan's lips started to move against hers. Their lips moved against each other in slow, tentative movements. Jonathan slowly reached his hand to cup Carla's cheek, Carla leaning in to the soft touch. Unsure with what to do with her hands, Carla awkwardly left them at her sides. Feeling their lungs burn, they reluctantly parted for air, their chests heaving as they greedily sucked in the most needed breath of air. Eyes still locked onto the other, dark brown eyes searching light brown ones, already feeling self-conscious of his forwardness. Carla gave Jonathan a small, contented smile, silently reassuring him, as she leaned in again for a quick peck on his soft lips.

"So, does this mean that you like me?" Jonathan asked, showing an uncharacteristic display of shyness.

"You idiot. Would I have kissed you back if I didn't?" Carla replied with a slight roll of her eyes.

"Just making sure," Jonathan whispered before he leaned forward to capture Carla's lips once again. Carla smiled into the kiss, reaching out to tangle her hands into Jonathan's slighty rough ones. 'There's no escaping this now' Carla thought giddily before she fell into utter bliss.

I think the ending feels a bit incomplete, but my tiny mind couldn't come up with another ending so..what you see is what you get :P
This was my first time trying to write a kissing scene, how did I do?