So this thing doesn't exactly have a set structure of any kind. It looks really sloppy. But it is a song and it has a melody and makes more sense when I hear it in my head. Take my word for it please. xD Also, the title is odd. I couldn't think of anything better. I kinda like having weird titles though. So I guess it's all good.

Edit: Whoooaaa. This has like 10 hits. That's more than any of my other stuff here has gotten. What's up with that? What does hit even mean anyway? Someone splain this to me por favor? It's good, right? Because thank you if it is that makes me happyyy

Graveyard Lullaby

Are you lost?
Are you hurt?
Are you cold?
Are you burnt?
Are you scared?
Can you heal?
Can you see?
Can you feel?

Can you hear?
Can you speak?
Can you blink?
Can you sleep?
Can you laugh?
Can you cry?
Can you breathe?
Will you die
If you're alone?

Can I find you?
Can I help you?
Can I hold you?
Can I save you?
If I walk with you
In the cold,
Will you be numb

If I sing
A lullaby
Will you be
At peace tonight?
Can I make you laugh
When you can't cry?
Can I bring you
Back to life?
Do you know
You're not alone?

Is your whole life dividing?
Is the world slipping out of your hands?
Have you wandered somewhere dark, and has it torn out your heart?
Do you have the strength to stand?

If I can't piece your life back together
At least you'll never lose everything
For when your heart stops beating and leaves you broken, bleeding
You'll always have me

Can you walk?
Can you roam?
Can I carry
You home?

You are not alone