"Wake up!" Rosslyn called out to Talon. He woke with a grunt as Bo put her weight on his belly, Rosslyn perched upon her shoulders.

"What is it?" He groaned out. Slowly Talon pushed himself up onto his forearms, only to have Bo lick him across the face. He had a dumbfound look on his face for a moment as his brain registered what was going on.

"You promised to take us to the market today!" Rosslyn cheerfully called despite her puffy displeased look. "The caravans are in town today!"

"Alright, alright, I'm up, I'm up." Talon lightly pushed Bo off of him. "The sooner you leave my bedroom the sooner I can dress for the day."

"Okay!" Rosslyn cheered tugging on Bo's ears lightly. With a light grumble the dog trotted out of the room and down the hall.

With a hefty sigh Talon rubbed his jaw. The rough stippling of his beard scratched at his palm. Leaning over he gave his wife a kiss, before pulling the covers off. At a leisurely pace he got ready. Talon laced up the fly of his pants after tucking in his tan shirt. He picked a towel off the floor and headed to the well out back. Forgoing shaving, Talon opted for a quick wash of his face, figuring it was best not to keep Rosslyn waiting. The girl was, enthusiastic to say the least. That was probably why she and Aiden had such a good relationship. For a man who was left to himself for better part of two years, she gave him a more than eager break from the monotony.

"Rosslyn?" Talon called out as he headed to the bed room to replace the towel with a pair of socks. "Are you all ready?"

"We're ready!" Rossyln came down the hall at blinding speed on top of Bo. They threw Talon off balance as he was putting on his socks. He landed face first on the ground with a grumble. "Come on! We're not going to get anything done with you on the ground!" She complained with a puffy face.

"Got it," Talon grumbled pushing himself up off the ground. He narrowly avoided the two as they bolted past him again heading to the door. With a shake of his head he opened the door for them, watching Bo tear out into the front yard with an excited Rosslyn on her back. Grabbing a bag and a set of saddle bags for Bo, Talon went to pull on his boots before he took them out to the main road.

He walked casually down the road keeping an eye on the two. Rosslyn would ride around on Bo as she chased a squirrel, or as she ran around investigating any and all interesting smells. When Bo started to get too far off from him, Talon would just whistle at her to get her to come back. Though she would faithfully come back to his side for a while, it wouldn't last long. Rosslyn would more than gladly encourage the dog to go intrude on a baker selling fresh bread, or a butcher selling meat.

Gently grabbing Bo by the scruff of her neck he pulled her down. The last thing he wanted was the butcher swinging a hefty cleaver at Bo's head. "Don't tell me that girls yours. Last I saw your wife was still running around pregnant, and that was only a few days ago!"

"No, no." Talon chuckled lightly scratching Bo's ear. "She's ahhh…" He paused for a moment trying to decide how to word his answer. "I'm just watching her for someone that's all." The butcher leaned over to peer down at Rosslyn. His head was supported in his big meaty hand, as he eyed the girl sitting on the dogs shoulders.

"Who in the hell leaves a little girl with a soldier and his pregnant wife? You haven't been around recently and I'd hardly say that wife of yours has the energy to handle watching someone else's kid alone."

"Believe it or not she's the one that said yes, besides my son was just born." With a hefty sigh Talon held up his hand. "Anyway the Princess gave me some time off to be with my wife anyway so it works out… Let's just leave it at that." Talon cut off the butcher knowing the man couldn't keep his pig-like nose in his own business. The man loved conversation to the point of knowing who's been sleeping with whom. Forget alcohol giving a man a loose tongue, this man did it without trying.

Bo stuck her head back on the counter sniffing one of the hanging ducks. "Your dog's got good taste." The butcher grinned as Talon reluctantly gave into the looks on Rosslyn and Bo's faces. From his belt pouch he dropped some coins into the man's fat hand in exchange for the bird which was promptly tied and wrapped for Talon.

"Come on you two; let's go before you get me into financial trouble before we even reach the caravans." Talon spoke with a good natured tone. He was hardly going too publicly chastise the two. He probably wouldn't anyway; it was supposed to be a fun day for the trio.

Talon led them down the main road to where the caravans were set up in the large open court just in front of the castle. The caravans where set up so the store fronts faced towards the center of the court, leaving the stares and streets accessible. The shop keeps were easy to pick out from the regular dwellers of the city. Their clothes were brightly colored, and the coins on their clothes jingled with every move. There was music being played as the gypsies danced and sang. It was like the worlds worries didn't matter to these people.

The shops themselves held all manner of trinkets and toys. From the mundane to the fanciful, and from the useful to the just plain odd. One woman was selling palm readings, while another was selling pendants that were supposed to have various special properties. The pendants did everything from warding off evil spirits to increasing ones libido.

Talon just chuckled and followed Bo. There was no way he was going to get those two to stay close to him. So he opted to just let them lead while he followed them into the crowd. With a whistle he called Bo over to him. Kneeling down he rubbed the dog's head. "You two stick together and stay out of trouble. I'm going to pick up some specialty goods from these people." Pulling some coins from his belt pouch, Talon dropped a few coins into Rosslyns' palm. "Go ahead and pick up some sweets and what have you, but you're not going to get anymore so pick what you want carefully."

Rosslyn nodded happily as she clutched the coins in her hands. "We'll be good!" With that she and Bo headed off to inspect the caravan.

Talon stood up and looked around at the dancers and musicians. A smile spread across his lips as he found who he was looking for. Skill fully he made his way through the crowed before catching the waist of a red headed woman. He turned her around, causing her to bump into his chest. When she looked up her blue eyes shined brightly, and a smile spread on her lips.

Without missing a beat she took his hands and danced with the taller man. They kept pace with one another as music picked up, and the people around them started to clap. It didn't matter what she tried to do to trip him up, he would always counter with a graceful step of his own.

"I see you haven't lost your touch." Her voice was breathless but still sweet as could be.

Talon only laughed and shrugged, as the music stopped. "Just because I'm a guard doesn't mean I'm not graceful." Looping his thumbs in his belt he followed the woman.

"Well considering you've been dancing since you were little." She smiled lightly remember when they were kids. "I'm surprised you never wanted to come with us."

Talon just shrugged his shoulders. "Avalon's my home, I can't leave her." Lightly he bumped shoulders with her. "My mom felt the same way I suppose."

The woman sat down next to a green eyed man with long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. He was playing a lute while he and the rest of the musicians played for the dancers. "We did get you something though." Reaching behind the man, the woman pulled out a leather sac and handed it to Talon.

"What is it?"

"Opening stupid and you'll find out." She teased ruffling his hair.

He snorted lightly pulling his head back. "Stop that! I'm too old to be treated like a child." Opening the sac he peered inside. There sat an ovular heart-like stone that had a light blue glow to it. "What… is this?"

"We're not even sure ourselves. We traded for it, thought you might like it. Think of it as a baby gift or something." She stated calmly, waiting to gage his reaction.

"How'd you know that…"

"That your son was born already?" She cut him off pointing to the city market. "I snuck off and talked to the butcher."

"You sneaking little brat." Talon mumbled.

"Hey I'm your big sister it's my right to snoop into your life."

"What about you little brother? You go sneaking off too?"

"I can't believe you think I'm as noise as our sister." The lute playing man spoke up, a smirk on his face.