4000 B.C.- Annul Sjena comes into the world, taking possession of a Sumerian idol. The Sumerian culture he comes across worships him as a god. Annul Sjena tells the people who worship him of the upcoming Apocalypse, saying while humanity dies, they will be saved. He asks them to find a specific person, born every century, that Annul Sjena will be able to possess and use to bring about the Apocalypse. His worshippers obey him, and set out in search of this person.

4001 B.C.-After a year of searching, Annul Sjena's worshippers successfully locate the vessel he needs and bring the person before their master. But before Annul Sjena can possess the person, another group attacks the Sumerian culture, believing them to be demon worshippers and heretics against God. The entire city is massacred and Annul Sjena is trapped inside his idol by the attacking force. Later, the city is burned to the ground, to ensure that Annul Sjena will never be found.

May 24, 1914-Two serial killers, a man and a woman, move into a house in a rural community. They are later discovered by the police after growing sloppy with their killings and sentenced to death. Their house remains abandoned, no one wanting to go even near it afterwards for unexplained reasons.

June 21, 1922-Twelve people are killed in Maine, all dying of apparent permanent organ failure. One man survives, muttering things about a "red light". He later kills himself with a pencil.

July 5, 1989-Dustin Smith falls into his twenty-year coma.

April 1, 2005-The website, red light .org, is published.

August 20, 2009-Dr. Donald Claire, on an expedition to South Africa, discovers the ruins of the ancient city. While digging through it, he discovers the idol Annul Sjena is trapped in. Annul Sjena attaches itself to Dr Claire's body, coming with Dr. Claire back to his mansion in North America.

August 25, 2009-Dr. Claire begins his translation of an ancient Sumerian book, which was written by those who worshipped Annul Sjena. The words give Annul Sjena the power he needs and he begins to "corrupt" Dr. Claire's mansion and starts to brings it monsters in from its homeworld. Worried by this, Dr. Claire sends several letters to his friend, Sullivan.

August 28, 2009-Dustin Smith finally reawakens from his coma.

September 1, 2009-Henry Cutler escapes from prison and flees into the woods that are near the prison. There, he happens upon an isolated place where an entity simply entitled "the master" has taken over with its army of monsters. Henry tries to escape, killing many monsters but in the end, is turned insane by the master and made to be its servant.

September 3, 2009-At a museum called the Egyptian Mythological Museum, a being called Mlothonep invades it and begins to bring its army into the world in hopes of taking it over. A security guard called Zach Taylor fights against the monsters and succeeds in killing Mlothonep. The Egyptian gods warn Zach of the incoming Apocalypse that Annul Sjena is going to bring about and say they may require his aid in the future.

September 10, 2009-A man called Jack reads Dr. Claire's letters to Sullivan and decides to investigate the mansion. On his way there, however, he is drawn to the old serial killer's mansion and killed off by an evil creature that resides there called the Shadow. Before he dies, Jack writes a letter, urging whoever finds it to prevent the Apocalypse.

September 15, 2009-A homeless man called Lester decides to take up residence in the serial killer's old house for the night. However, he is tormented by the Shadow and ends up killing himself before dawn.

October 20, 2009-Annul Sjena regains full strength, bringing a number of monsters into the mansion. Dr. Claire, finally realizing what is happening, tries to send Annul Sjena back to its home dimension. However, before he can, Annul Sjena's monsters attack him and knock him unconscious. Dr. Claire is chained up in the basement and Annul Sjena begins to look for his vessel.

October 24, 2009-Annul Sjena successfully locates his vessel, a man by the name of James Marcen and lures him to the mansion. All of Annul Sjena's monsters attempt to kill James, but he manages to fight them off and locates Dr. Claire. James recites the spell to send Annul Sjena back to his world. However, James mispronounces the last few words of the spell and it fails to permanently seal Annul Sjena away.

October 25, 2009-Annul Sjena returns at dawn and has his monsters kill James as he tries to leave the mansion. Annul Sjena then possesses James's corpse and uses it to bring about the Apocalypse on earth, opening portals all over the world for all of his monsters to come through. Ninety eight percent of humanity is slaughtered within a few hours and the rest are driven into hiding. Annul Sjena thus establishes his rule over the ruined world.

October 25, 2010-One year after the Apocalypse, a man called Allen Stone meets with members of a resistance that plots to take down Annul Sjena. They have retrieved the translated pages from Dr. Claire's mansion and hope to track down the monster. Allen Stone fights his way through New York City, everyone he meets dying. Allen Stone confronts Annul Sjena in the Natural History Museum and after a brutal fight, successfully exorcises Annul Sjena from James Marcen's corpse and sends him back to his home dimension. However, the victory has come hard, as Allen Stone may be one of the last surviving people on Earth.