Caleb wasn't like me. He was just an innocent kid–not so innocent. Not a kid–and couldn't withstand Alexis' over the phone pouting. He had our address before we were even fully moved in, and lounging on our couch as I was putting groceries away.

"This place is nice," I could hear the smile in her voice even if she glared at me every time I looked at her. "I'm glad you moved here."

"I'm glad too."

I was.


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So, what with finals coming up, and my life being hectic right now, I'm (and dear lord I hate saying this) going on hiatus for a few weeks. I thought I'd put up a happy little chapter, no cliffhangers, so there wouldn't be any unresolved feelings (so to speak) until I come back. I'm sorry guys. I hope you have an excellent holiday season.