((A/N: My freshman year is coming to a close with only a day and a half left, so I had some time to write. Thank you Reiz16 for telling me to write about something that makes me happy- or someone, as it turned out. Please tell me what you think.))

I seem to do nothing but stare into space

As life slips by me without hesitation.

I've forgotten what it's like to try and keep up,

But just let go of the lifeline they've thrown me

As time blows by in jittery scenes and murky pictures,

As voices blend together and colors shift,

As I push them away and watch as buildings crumble

In slow motion, and leaves fall reaching terminal velocity

I just shut my eyes to it all and try to forget

The person that I have become.

And then you pull my hands from my ears and force

Me to let the world back in, force me back into the

Pain that is life, but hold my gaze as the spinning

Ceases, until all that is left is you, and until I realize

That you have been beside me the whole time.

The lifeline that never let me go.