A: Atom Bomb falling

B: Boom a-coming

C: Caution they say

D: Destruction we see

E: Explosions everywhere

F: Firefight in the cities

G: Guns fireing

H: Helljumpers coming down

I: Ignighting the sky

J: Jets zoom overhead

K: Killing everywhere

L: Loss of Life

M: Malfunctioning buzuckas

N: Napom all around

O: Oh No! So i scream

P: Pistol in my hand

Q: Quelling the terror within

R: Rockets zipping by

S: Snipers take their aim

T: Tanks roll on through

U: Unbelievable death rates

V: Victory is not near

W: War is here

X: X marks the target

Y: Yelling as I see it coming

Z: Zooooooooom BOOM!