I woke up and looked around dizzily,"Where am I?" I asked myself confused. I was in a gray room in one of six chairs in the middle of the room.

"You and me both honey." a girl that was in the chair next to me said,she had black hair with purple streaks in it, chocolate brown eyes ,and was around ten,like me. "Hey sweetie," the girl said,"I like your hair."
I looked at the girl, dazed...

Let me take moment to tell you something about myself,first, this will happen often, I like making you want more of my story, second you need to know more about me,right? Right. So I will launch into these small rants,as you could call them, to help put you in the know. Now I have red hair that falls in curls to the small of my back (you may wonder why more guys didn't like me) and hazel eyes, they look like walnuts, is what Johann always says,but I wonder how hazel reminds her of walnuts because you would think it would remind you of hazel nuts... Yeah I know,I rant,but hey, we can do this or you can imagine me with blonde hair and blue eyes and all that jazz. Oh let me continue on my appearance. Ok,I am tan,I spend a bunch of time outside so it would only make sense. I have a few freckles dotting my face and when I smile the dimples come. Ok...Ok...I will stop now. No need to bore you out of reading this...

"Julie? You're here too?" said a boy on the other side of me.

"Ok,what is going on and who are you people?" I shouted confused.

"Well I have no idea what is going,but I am Adam and she is Julie." Adam said to me.

The boy on the side next to Julie woke up. I realized who he was and shouted,"Scott? What are you doing here?" Scott had liked me since we met in kindergarten,I had always felt awkward around him and now we were in the same situation.

"Rosie! Ummmmmmm..." Scott blushed. OK,don't make a fool of yourself. Scott thought.

I would have facepalmed if my hands weren't restrained on the arms of the chair.

A dull looking man in a suit walked into the room,"Welcome experiments,1-5"

"Hey,man,we aren't experiments!" Adam shouted.

"Now,experiment 3,warper,Adam Flecher,haven't you noticed that you can break into the depths of other people's minds and change what they are thinking?"

Adam became speechless and sat back in his chair.

The man walked up to Scott and lifted his chin,"Experiment 5, Imagineer, Scott House."

Scott's eyes widened, fearfully,"What..."

The man turned to Julie and said,"Experiment 2, Mover, Julie Phillips."

Julie merely glared at the man, annoyed.

Th man came up to Rosie and smiled," Oh, you, you were always my favorite. Experiment 1, Reader, Rosie McDonald. Most powerful of your kind, I can't wait to figure out how you work."

(in progress)