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First Meeting

"Samantha hurry up and get up!" I heard my mom yell, but I wasn't ready to get up yet. I remained motionless, pretending to still be asleep.

"Samantha I know your not asleep, hurry up and get dressed!" she hollered again.

This time I knew I had to give up, so I threw my Pooh Bear blanket off and rolled out of bed. I went in the closet and fetched my out my navy dress. I proceeded to my drawer and got my under wear, undershirt and socks. I brushed my teeth grabbed my backpack, and then I sat on the couch. I decided to sleep while waiting for my sister to finish getting ready. I was almost in a deep sleep when I heard my mom say,

"Samantha, come outside so I can take a picture of you."

I scooted of the couch and went outside. There my mom had her camera in hand waiting by the usual bush. I walked over and stoke a pose. My mom kept laughing so I kept it up pose after pose, smile after smile. My sister came outside in grumpy mood, like always. Unlike me she hated taking pictures and was rarely seen in any. My mom took a few pictures of her and then said,

"Okay, now that I got your pictures its time to go to school."

Cassie and I went inside and grabbed our backpacks. I said goodbye to my cat Joey, and then pushed open the screen door. I walked over to my mom's burgundy Plymouth and opened the sliding door. I threw my bag on the floor and fastened my seatbelt. Again I waited for Cassie, who was slowly walking out of the house. Instead of my mom taking us to school, our Dad drove us. He let my sister go to her class alone, and stood with me at classroom 37. I saw a few people who I knew from 2nd grade. I waved with a goofy smile on my face. The smiled and waved high, but stood with their parents. While waiting for the teacher to open the door, my eye caught sight a little boy named Jonathan, he was a little taller than me, with long spiky hair. I was immediately in "love".

My teacher opened the door, the second the bell rang, I said goodbye to my dad and dashed into class. Other students stood by their mother's side crying saying they wanted to go home. Once everybody was inside she introduced herself. Her name was Mrs. Clack; she was very tall and skinny. She had long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail. Mrs. Clack started the class off by giving us a worksheet to see what we knew. I was one out of a few who didn't know what multiplication was, but she said it was okay because she would teach us again. The entire time I was working on the worksheet couldn't help but stare at the boy whom I had fallen in love with. He seemed like he was well liked by others. Girls like him, and boys wanted to be like him. He was the most popular boy in school. I stopped my stare and continued on my worksheet. Five minutes late she collected them and said that we were going to play a fun game. It was one of those name games where you have to memorize your classmates name and what they like. I was in the middle so I had quite a few names to remember, but I least I wasn't at the end I always felt sorry for those guys. I, of course, remembered all of the names and was feeling pretty good about myself. The bell for nutrition rang and we all rushed outside. I went to the playground, which had been newly refurbished, and headed toward the swings. I swung and watched all the other kids playing tag, and hide and seek. Then I spotted my best friend, Alicia. I waved to her and she came running. Alicia was tall for a girl her age, she was very tall, and had dark brown hair that went up to her shoulders. I always told her what I felt, and what was on my mind. Bad or good I always knew that I could count on her.

"So, what did you do over the summer?" she smiled as she took a seat next tom me on the swing.

"It was cool; my parents bought one of those inflatable pools and me and my sister stood in there for hours on the weekends. How about you?" I said.

"Well nothing really great I guess, enough about the summer though isn't it cool that we have the same class again?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's great" I laughed.

Alicia and I sat on the swings together until the bell rang. We hopped off and headed towards our class which was conveniently right next to the playground. I saw my friend Mathew, waiting at the classroom next door. We had the same class last year, and I had a crush on him. He was about the same height as me, with light brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

"Mathew!" I yelled running towards him.

I gave him a hug.

"Hey Sam," he said while breaking apart from our hug "It's sad we didn't get the same class this year." He continued.

"Yeah, but at least our classes are next to each other." I smiled.

Mrs. Clack opened the door and the class began to run inside, I made my way to the desk I was assigned. I heard someone pull out the blue chair next tome, expecting it to be Alicia, I swiveled in my chair to the person with a big smile on my face, but it was not Alicia.

"Hello" he smiled.

"Hi." I smiled back.

"My name is Jeremy, What's yours?" he asked

"It's Samantha, nice to meet you Jeremy."

"I was wondering if it's alright with you can we be friends?" he smiled.


"Well first of because I think that you'll be a fun person and because I can help you." he grinned.

"Help me with what?" I was getting kind of suspicious.

"Well, I know that you've been staring at Jonathan a lot, so I can help you."He smiled

I was blushing all the way up to my ears He saw! I was frozen in shock. I can't believe he saw how embarrassing.

"That's alright Samantha, you can tell me tomorrow." He got up and went back to his seat leaving me in a frozen state. It was the first day of school and I was already hoping it would be the last.