It catches me again, this disease that I have come to acquire.

I have fallen from guard; it laughs as I perspire.

It casts shade upon each of my sunny days,

It wakes and takes from me all of my good dreams.

I cannot shake it; I must face it with dismay.

This thing, it swallows my life more than it seems.

Now I am waiting for it to take my breath away,

This thing that hunts me like a prey.

It reaches with its claws to draw my innards

Like thick red lace from my very core.

It will not rest until it is the winner.

It has never lost a game like this before.

My face it wears now like a mask, a sign of victory.

It takes the form of what I am, and not what I use to be.

It festers in my brain like a wound that will not heal.

It drains my life away; it has taken over me.

I cannot understand your words; this is all I feel.

It takes my sense away; this thing is all I see.