Butcher's Song

(Your dreaming, Shhhhh…)

Drum a beat into the cool meat

Beat a beat into pigs feet

Pound your knuckles into the flour

Get the chicken ready. No need for milk to go sour!

Pop, pop, pop! Release them air bubbles!

Pound into the night like a hammer.

Fists of fury, use it all well.

Bang together! Get the meat hot!

Use it well! Use it well! You only get one chance for the slot!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Get them hammers going!

Pound it, pound it, pound it! Get the juices running!

Get the beef ready, customer is out back!

Cut the slabs of juicy meat! Rip out that fat!

Customer wants big ol' steaks!

Almost done! Hurry! Hurry! "There you go ma'am!"

Phew! That was close!