By:Andrew Troy Keller

For some people,there is something wrong with the night--
Something that could be filled with fright.
So,if you have a sister,
You should warn her
To never go out on such a particular night.

Sandra Hawkins had tried to warn her sister
About a certain type of hunter
All Judy had done
Was let out a laugh--which was a hearty one,
For she--at first--doesn't believe in that type of hunter.

Suddenly,it was time for Judy to go home.
First:she had promised to call Sandra when she'd gotten home.
Then,she had drove off into the one night--
Which was supposed to be filled with incredible fright
And it had looked like Judy was not going to make it home.

As soon as her car had made it to the intersection of State and Riker,
Judy had spotted a hitchhiker.
And so,thinking of him as a prince looking for a place to hide,
She had decided to give the hitchhiker a ride.
So,the stranger had gotten into the car with her.

His name was Brian Dodds,
Who was--with himself--at odds.
And suddenly,Judy had realized that they should not be in the same car--
Just in case things could've gone too far.
Then,without warning,something strange was happening to Brian Dodds.

His skin had suddenly became a dark tan--
And the growing body size and hair had turned him into more than human.
He had became that of a gruesome feature--
As in a truly destructive creature
That had gone by the name of the shaggy man.

Then,it had placed poor Judy underneath
And started to munch on her with large,sharp teeth.
After she had realized that Brian was the hunter,
All poor Judy had done was scream bloody murder
While she was being munched on by the big set of teeth.

The next day,
A highway patrol officer named Ralph MacRay
Had discovered Judy's car,
Which was--from her home--very far.
He had also found it in a rather terrifying way.

On the car everywhere,
There was lots of blood and hair.
Then,Sandra had drove up to the crime site
And recieved the shock of her life,
For Judy was to be found nowhere.

"I've warned her!",
Sandra had tearfully said about her sister.
"But,she didn't believe!
But then,Sandra had realized that Judy had met the hunter.

And so,if you have a sister
Warn her about hunter.
Tell her the tale again--
And again,
Until she really believes in the hunter.