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I took a deep breath and stepped into my place on the stage. I was normally not nervous before acting, especially rehearsals, but this time was different. I was being forced to kiss (not that I minded that much) Jake Abbotts, the most popular boy in school and object of my affection for the past six months. When I first heard about the scene, I was incredibly excited. But then a few minutes later the nerves hit. Sure, I'd kissed boys before, but this was different. I'm sure everyone's heard the typical clichéd story about the nerd who has a crush on the popular boy but thinks she has no chance. Well, that cliché was currently my life. Sad, but true. And that's what got me where I was, standing in the middle of the stage while the stage crew bustled around getting props set into place, internally freaking out about what was set to happen in the next ten minutes.

Light footsteps were heading my way, and I looked up to see Owen, my best guy friend, coming towards me. Wrapping an arm around my shoulders, he grinned. The smile, strangely, didn't reach his eyes. "Ready for your big scene, Izzy?" My full name was Isabelle, but Owen was the only one outside of my family allowed to call me Izzy.

"No." I said shortly. "I'm freaking out. If you see me starting to faint, run and catch me, okay?" I was only half joking.

"Oh, you won't faint. You'll be fine. It's only your dream come true, right?" he said, looking almost…pained.

"All right, places everybody!" Mr. Jackson, our drama teacher and play director, called.

"Good luck. You'll do amazing, you always do," Owen said, giving me a hug before walking to his place. Butterflies fluttered around in my stomach, and I urged them to stop. That had been happening a lot lately around Owen. I wasn't sure why, and I also wasn't sure I wanted to find out.

"You, too. Break a leg," I replied, grinning.

I took another deep breath and attempted to calm my nerves as Jake walked to the stage.

"Annnd, action!" Mr. Jackson called.

This scene didn't contain many words before the kiss, and as we spoke them I could feel my nerves growing even more.

I stretched up on my toes when the time came for the kiss. He was six feet or better, while I stood at just five feet five inches. When our lips met, I was surprised, and not necessarily in a good way. Sure, he was a good kisser, but I didn't feel that…spark I always expected to when the day came for me to kiss him.

The kiss ended as quickly as it started, and I blushed as our director told us we were done for the day. I hurried over to the area where we stored our backpacks and other school stuff during rehearsal.

"May I walk you home, future Oscar winner?" I turned around to find Owen deep into a formal bow and giggled.

"Why certainly you may. You have to be able to say you walked home with the famous Isabelle Merryman before she became famous."

Owen chuckled and stood up straight, slinging his backpack onto his shoulder and leading me out of the theater. We had walked the first block or so in comfortable silence, when Owen decided to break it.

"Izzy, can I ask you something?" He said anxiously.

"Yeah, sure. What's up?"

"Say you were me," he said, twisting his hands nervously, "and you were really liked this girl. What would you do?"

"Well, I would make it my mission to tell her how I felt. If you don't speak up, you'll never know how she feels, and you could miss out on something great. No matter what she says, at least you'll know. And who wouldn't want to go out with you? You're awesome," I replied, giving him a small nudge in the side with my elbow.

"Thanks," he responded, blushing, "but what if I don't have the confidence to do it? I'm afraid she'll say no."

"You just have to muster up the courage, take the plunge, and do it. Any girl in her right mind will be flattered if a guy likes her enough to ask her out. Trust me, I would know, I'm a girl."

Just then, the truth of my own previous words struck home, and I figured out what all those butterflies meant. I tried not to let the emotion show through as Owen continued with his dilemma.

Owen sighed. "I guess I could try it. Can I practice on you first?"

The butterflies were back. "Yeah, of course."

Owen took a deep breath and began. "So I've had a crush on you for the longest time, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but will you be my girlfriend?"

I smiled. "See, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now when you see her tomorrow, just go up to her and tell her that."

"What if I just did?"

My mouth dropped open, and my heart started going about a mile a minute. Did he just say what I think he said?

"Catching some flies there Izzy?" Owen said, chuckling uneasily.

I immediately shut my mouth. "Well, if that's the case, then I would say that you found yourself a new girlfriend."

Owen grinned and enveloped me in a hug.

"Wait. Do you still have to kiss Jake in that play?"

I laughed. "Maybe I can be 'coincidentally' sick that day."

Owen laughed along with me. "I like that idea. As long as I can be 'sick' too."

"Absolutely," I replied.

Owen beamed and pulled me in for a kiss.

I'm glad my cliché turned out a little different from everyone else's.