Dalton, Nebraska

June 29, 1857

Ava Adams


Ava heard Tillie before she saw her, and what she saw shocked her. How her sister had changed! And her nieces! Surely that wasn't Emma! What on earth had happened to them? They looked like common immigrants! Tillie had written her about the abundance of Irish in the town, but Ava hadn't expected their customs to rub off on her family. However, she hid her disgust as they all approached her.

Tillie wrapped her in a bear hug, a tear slipping down her rosy cheek, and in that moment Ava decided that maybe her family's tanned skin or patched clothes didn't matter so much. At least not for now.

"Three years is too long to go without seeing you." Tillie said, letting her go. "Why, you were fifteen last time I saw you!"

Ava nodded in agreement, accepting Johnny's quick, one-armed hug. She turned her attention to the girls. Emma came quickly into Ava's open arms, hugging her long and hard. Hannah followed suit. Beth gave her a quick hug out of politeness. Diana would have nothing to do with her.

"She'll warm up to you in time." Tillie assured Ava.

Ava nodded and looked once more around the rugged, one-horse town. She was going to have to get used to this place.

That didn't mean she had to like it though.

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