Maybe it was the first time,

I took a risk and explained to you,

And you replied, "I understand,"

Even though I saw that confusion - and was it fear? -

in your eyes

That I first realized we were not the same.

Of course I changed my story

Of course I assured you it was not true

Because you don't want to hear the truth

Because lying is the most love I can show you

And you need love, not fear

Oh, how was I to know it was so unnatural?

You say you don't hear those three words enough

and I say them every day -

but I think I know what you mean...

After all, words spoken without care

Is nearly worse than not saying them at all

You really only ever wanted what was best for me.

But maybe I can't feel the same,

and never could

because pity and sympathy -

"Thank you mom, nice try, sometimes I wish it wasn't this way for you" -

are not the same as love

And loving (when I remember) because it is expected, is not really love.

I just thought you'd like to know

(Not that I'll ever truly tell you,

since you're so happy this way)

I never blamed you when you tried so hard

And if I was any other person it would have been perfect

You'd have been so good, if I was any other person.

And that's why there's such a perfect illusion,

Almost the best I can offer

Because lying is the most love I can show you

And don't you love this false image I've made for you

more than what I truly am?

You've accepted it so graciously

But sometimes I think you know;

a glance, a glimpse, a flicker

of emotion that crosses your face

a pain I can never relate to,

But oh, I recognize what it is

Yes, I think you know.