Kind of random. Also Biographical. Very. You'll find all sorts of horrible information about myself in this.

NOTE: The time period is kind of different in this. I wanted to modernize it.

WARNING: Swearing, violent thoughts, sexual implications and Cadbury's Chocolate. Don't like it, don't read it.

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Darlene was sick. She thought it would be a long time before she could see anyone she loved again. Even a bar of Cadbury's chocolate, something that was almost dirt cheap in England. Here, it wasn't just expensive.

She wanted to get off the couch she was sleeping on and run to the bathroom to vomit. She couldn't. She was glued to the spot.

What was her mother doing? Having fun? Drinking? Swimming? Did she really want to leave her daughter here alone. Darlene didn't mind being alone. She was used to it. In England her mother would leave her alone a lot at a cousin's house. But she was alone in a different sense. She was alone in a way she hated. A way that couldn't come to anything.

Darlene resisted the urge to scream about it. To unleash her anger. To swear, even (Darlene wouldn't go that far. Trish and Katie, although close to her age, were not allowed to hear those words) to run away from everything. And then Darlene thought that she should have done that at the wedding; run away and never come back. What was she supposed to do?

But then Darlene's mind raced. She began to tell herself a story in her mind. Darlene loved stories.


Two days later, Darlene's mother and her husband returned from their honeymoon. Darlene had mixed thoughts on the whole thing. As soon as they returned, they came over to his parent's house and collapsed on what was called a "loveseat" (Darlene had never heard that word before) while the children played a little longer. They played Lincoln Logs on the floor. Darlene did it almost willingly enough.

As soon as it was evening, the parents went out to gather with some friends while Darlene and her brother went with their new young aunts to their apartment to be babysat by their older brother. Darlene couldn't remember much after that.


About a month later, Darlene couldn't really remember the exact date, something caused all three of them (Darlene, her mother and little brother Jordan) to go to Jamaica to visit some relatives. Darlene was about to go to another country again. She broke down the night before they left. She couldn't help it. She had embarrassed herself again.


"Love you."

He had said that. To her. Sure he does, Darlene thought angrily. He hates me and has made it clear before. Well, I fucking hate him as well!

Her thoughts were cut off as soon as her mother caught hold of Darlene's arm and dragged her off towards the gate, even asking for her help trying to get them there.

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