We live in a world of beautiful people,

Living their beautiful lives.

They're architects, doctors, lawyers,

Preachers, botanists, or housewives.

Sometimes beauty lies on the exterior,

Usually it's on the inside.

But, wherever it is,

Beauty always shines.

If you take a look at the beautiful people,

You can sometimes feel intense envy.

It can bubble up within you,

And make you feel un-free.

But they have troubles too,

Even if they're out of sight.

People usually try to hide problems,

They try with all their might.

But we're all beautiful people,

Though many people don't think it's true.

Sometimes they don't even want to be,

They think they see things in a special view.

But beauty is perfect,

No one ever said it was.

Beauty comes from acceptance,

You can be sure it does.

We live in a world of beautiful people.

Beautiful people who hurt others.

They hurt themselves, that's why they do it.

But we're all really lovers.

We'd do anything to put down our ammunition,

To live in peace

And to be in good condition.

We are a world of beautiful people.