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Two weeks later, things were still going great. There had been no more trouble from the SW, except for the occasional death stare.
Even Harli and Casey were starting to get close. It was Friday, five days before graduation, and I was getting ready
for my first official date with Kaylan. My parents had finally agreed to let us go on a date, with the stipulation, we at least had to go
on a double date. Kaylan had convinced Casey to go with Harli. She was over at my house and we were getting ready.
I was wearing my favorite dress, a white, one-shoulder dress with my brown and turquoise cowboy boots. Lexi had curled my hair
that day during enrichment, and surprisingly it still looked great. I had just gotten my highlights re-done, and I looked more
blonde than my natural auburn color. Harli had let me straighten her hair and do her makeup and she had also borrowed one of my dresses.
"It was a knee-length, strapless black dress with a hot pink belt around the waist and she wore some hot pink pumps.
We nervously sat in the living room with my parents until Casey and Kaylan got to my house. They walked in and my dad sat in his recliner
cleaning his 20 gauge. Kaylan walked over to him, introduced himself, and shook his hand. He then walked to my mom and did the same thing.
We all talked for a while and then my Dad finally let us go. Harli, Casey, and I walked out first and I looked back and saw that
Dad had stopped Kaylan in the doorway. We got in Kaylan's truck and waited on him. I loved his truck. It was a white, four door, 2009 Toyota Tundra.
I always told him that I was gonna steal it from him. Finally, I looked up and saw him coming. He got in the truck and I asked him
what my Dad had told him. "He pretty much told me that anything I do to you, he'll do to me. And that I had to pay for your food.
And that you had to be home by eleven o'clock. And that he was a retired Navy SEAL and that if I hurt you he would hunt me down
and make my death look like an accident." "Well that's nice." I said and laughed. I was sitting in the middle of the front seat of his truck.
I turned around and looked at Harli and Casey in the backseat and both of them were staring straight forward awkwardly.
Harli's face was blood red. Kaylan saw the awkwardness and turned his radio up really loud.
The song playing was "Drunk On You" by Luke Bryan, which was my favorite song. It was at the chorus and Kaylan started singing.
"Girl you make my speakers go boom, boom. Dancing on my tailgate in the full moon, that kinda thing makes a man go mmm hmmm,
you're lookin' so good in whats left of those blue jeans, drip of honey on the money maker gotta be the best buzz I'm ever gonna find."
He sang the last part even louder. "I'm a little drunk on you, and high on summertime." He wasn't the best singer ever,
but it was cute the way he was singing to me. He put his arm around me and I looked back at Harli and Casey.
They were finally starting to talk a little and Harli just smiled at me. Kaylan looked over at me and I was beaming.
He said," Why are you so smiley?" I laughed and said," No reason really, it's just that I haven't been this happy in a really long time"
He grinned at me and kissed the top of my head. I smiled even bigger. We got to the Mexican restauraunt in town and saw that there was nobody there.
Well the people that worked there were there, but no customers. That was really odd for a Friday night, because that is where everyone went.
I was thankful for it though. We went inside and got a booth. We sat down and started talking.
Kaylan and I noticed that Harli and Casey had pretty much forgotten that there were other people in the world besides each other.
Kaylan and I laughed and just started talking to each other. I kept thinking how great it was to be dating my best friend.
We finished eating and on the way home, Kaylan started singing to me again. This time it was "I Don't Want This Night To End" by Luke Bryan.
He had ended up buying his CD because he knew how much I loved it.
He starting belting out the chorus: "You've got your hands up, you're rockin' in my truck, you've got the radio on, you're singing every song, I'm set on cruise control, I'm slowly losing hope, of everything I've got, you're lookin' so dang hot and I don't know what road we're on or where we've been from staring at you girl, all I know is I don't want this night to end." I laughed at him, and smiled. He kissed the top of my head again and I looked back at Harli and Casey.
They were making out and happened to look at me as soon as I turned around. They both pulled away quickly and awkwardly and hid.
It was the funniest thing ever. "Hey now! Not in my truck!" Kaylan yelled, laughing. We had to take Harli home first, then Casey, then me.
When we got to Harli's house, Casey got out and walked her to the door. They talked for a minute and then started making out again.
Kaylan had turned his headlights off, but when we figured out what they were doing, he turned them back on bright,
and they were aimed right at Harli and Casey. He blew the horn at the same time and it liked to scared both of them to death.
Kaylan and I could barely stop laughing. Casey told her bye and then got back in the truck. He gave me and Kaylan the scariest look ever.
It was really, really funny though. We got to Casey's house really quick since he only lived 2 minutes from Harli.
He got out and went in his house and Kaylan cranked the truck and pulled off without a word. "
It was kind of awkward since it was the first time Kaylan and I had actually been alone.
Neither one of us said a word until we were almost at my house. "You know, I haven't been this happy in a long time."
Kaylan told me. "I'm really glad I found out that you liked me. I was really scared to ask you out because I was afraid that you didn't like me.
No offense, but it would have sucked to get rejected by a freshman when I'm a senior. Especially when you like her as much as I like you."
I was kind of shocked. I sat there in silence for a while and said," Do you know how much it hurt to watch someone you love, love somebody else who you know was totally wrong for them?" "Yeah I do. You've dated two guys this year right?"
I looked down and just scooted closer to him. He put his arm back around me and pulled me even closer.
We got to my house and he turned the truck off. In his truck, the radio didn't turn off until the driver's side door was opened, so the music was still playing.
This time the song was "(Kissed You) Good night" by Gloriana.
The song played and we both listened intently to the lyrics. "I dropped you off just a little after midnight , sat in my car, 'till you turned off your porch light, I should've kissed you, I should've pushed you up against the wall, like I wasn't scared at all, I turned off the car, ran throught the yard, back to your front door, before I could knock, you turned the lock, and met me on the front porch, and I kissed you, goodnight."
Then, Kaylan kissed me like he never had before. It was like three years of pent up love, hate, loneliness, and passion had finally been released.
He kissed me, and kissed me, and kissed me. When he pulled away, the song was back at the end of the chorus.
Right along with the song, he said:"And now that I've kissed you, it's a good night, good night, baby goodnight."
Both of us grinned and got out of the truck. He walked me into the house, said hello to my parents and then started back to his truck.
I followed him out onto the carport, where my parents couldn't see. "Hey now, its my turn." I said.
He turned around and walked back to me, and I kissed him just like he had kissed me.
We pulled away and I said," Goodnight." I smiled and walked back to the door.
Right as I grabbed the doorknob, he said,"Hey Juliet." "Yeah Kaylan." "I love you." "I love you, too."
We both smiled and he went to his truck and I went into my house.
Yeah, it had been a good night.