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Limo Troubles

Tristan straightened the tie on his tuxedo as he walked up to Zander's front door. He, Zander and some of their friends were going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate their graduation—somewhere called Riviera Pacifica—so everyone had to wear something formal. The only other time Tristan ever recalled wearing such fancy clothing was to prom and to a family friend's wedding.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, making sure it was smoothed down. Normally, he wore it so that it was swept over one eye, but he decided that tonight wasn't the night to look brooding and mysterious, so he brushed it straight back and smoothed it down with some hair gel. He did decide that he was going to keep the lip ring though.

He knocked on the front door of Zander's house and tucked his hands into his pressed black pants. For some odd reason, his heart was racing, just like it had been when he and Zander went on their first date. Maybe it was the fact that he'd be seeing his boyfriend in formal attire is what got him going.

The door swung open to reveal Zander and Tristan's breath caught in his throat. He was wearing a crisp black tuxedo as well, except he was wearing a neatly tied bow tie instead of a normal tie. His snakebites were still in as well, his hair not brushed back, but parted so that it stayed out of his eyes. Tristan didn't often get to see Zanders beautiful blue eyes at the same time, so he took advantage of the moment and stared into the two oceans that were Zander's eyes.

"Well?" Zander smiled a bit and looked expectantly at his boyfriend, who was still taking his sweet time in glancing him over. "How do I look?" Tristan grinned and stepped forward, taking Zander's face in his hands.

"You look gorgeous." Before Zander could even stutter out thanks, Tristan kissed him gently. "We should go." Tristan spoke softly after he pulled back from the kiss. Wordlessly, Zander laced his fingers with Tristan's and followed his boyfriend to his car.

"Reina, you look amazing." Zander smiled at his best friend's girlfriend as he complimented her. Reina smiled back and dramatically flipped her black hair to the other side of her head.

"I know, I'm stunning." Zander and Reina laughed, and Giles, Reina's boyfriend and Zander's best friend, scowled teasingly.

"Hey Zan. I love you, but stop hitting on my girlfriend, or I'm going to have to kick your ass." Zander raised an eyebrow challengingly before Tristan kissed his cheek and reduced him to an embarrassed wreck.

"You might as well stop Zan. We both know that you can't fight for shit."

"I-I can to fight!" Zander sputtered, folding his arms and pouting. Everyone in the limo laughed and Zander fell into a deeper slump.

"No need to get into a sour mood Zander," Giles said, humor twined into his voice. "We're just telling the truth."

"Screw all of you," Zander muttered.

"No, just me," Tristan murmured, only loud enough for Zander to hear, which caused his cheeks to flush red. He was about to hiss a response back to Tristan before a very unnatural noise came from the front of the limo and they rolled to a stop.

The wall dividing the back from the front rolled down and the driver turned to face them. "What happened? Why'd we stop?" Giles asked as Reina peered over his shoulder.

"Limo troubles." He responded simply, frowning as he stared out of the windshield and at the hood of the limo, which was spewing dark smoke. "I don't think I'll be able to get it started."

Giles cursed. Their dinner reservations were for 7:30 pm and it was already nearly seven.

"What now?" Tristan asked as the limo driver got out of the car.

"You and Zander stay here. I have a friend who lives not far from here who can give us a lift to the restaurant." He sighed. "We'd better get our money back for this limo," he muttered, opening the door and scooting out of the car. "Reina and I will be back soon, no worries." The door closed and Zander and Tristan were left alone.

They sat in silence, their hands still linked together, for a little while, the only noise being that of the limo driver fiddling with things under the hood. Tristan sighed dramatically and pressed the button to close the divider. Zander glanced up at him, his face illuminated by the green runners and soft light coming from the ceiling.

God, Tristan thought, moving closer to him. He's so beautiful.

"So we have a limo all to ourselves for at least 15 minutes," Tristan said softly. His mouth was tugged into a smirk and he gently pushed Zander down onto the seat, straddling his waist. He leaned down to kiss Zander, but his boyfriend pushed on his shoulders, giggling as he avoided his lips.

"No funny business Tristan." Tristan whined and tried to kiss Zander again, but to no avail.

"Why not?"

"I don't want to ruin my tux."

"Then let's get naked."

"No!" Zander's cheeks flushed pink and his eyes fluttered shut. "We are not having sex in a limo."

"Why not?" Tristan undid his boyfriend's bow tie and Zander gasped, his eyes flying open. "Think about how hot it would be." Tristan's hands moved to the buttons on Zander's white button down, undoing them very, very slowly, giving Zander time to stop him if he really wanted to.

He didn't though.

Tristan rolled his hips forward and kissed the skin he'd just exposed, making Zander moan. He could feel his boyfriend's growing arousal and he smirked, knowing that Zander wouldn't have stopped him anyway. "You're going to have to be quiet babe," Tristan whispered, untucking Zander's shirt from his pants and exposing his pale chest. "You don't want to get caught, do you?" Zander swallowed hard and shook his head.

Tristan sat back on his knees and shed himself of his tux jacket, hastily undoing his shirt and yanking that, as well as his tie, over his head to join his tux on the limo floor. His own arousal was growing hard very quickly and he could feel that Zander was already fully turned on—his erection was prodding Tristan in the thigh.

Zander propped himself up on his elbows and allowed Tristan to pull off his tux jacket and button up, leaving them both naked from the belt up. They leaned in to kiss again and Zander's hands slid up and down Tristan's back, feeling along his strong muscles. Zander rolled his hips up into his boyfriend's again, and he moaned into the kiss, realizing that he needed to stifle it way too late.

Tristan chuckled and broke away from the kiss, leaving wet and sloppy kisses down Zander's jaw and neck. Zander giggled and pressed his hand over the front of his boyfriend's pants, making Tristan gasp. He muttered a curse word against Zander's skin as Zander undid his pants and slipped his hands into his boxers, squeezing his ass.

"So firm," Zander muttered, his face buried in Tristan's neck, pressing a soft kiss to the skin there.

"Glad you think so," Tristan whispered back, kissing Zander again. Zander laughed into the kiss, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and pushing his hips forward.

Tristan knew that Zander loved the foreplay, but in order to avoid getting caught, they needed to get this done quickly and with as little mess as possible.

Tristan pulled back from the kiss and climbed off of Zander, leaving his boyfriend aroused and very confused. "We're not done, are we?" Zander asked, breathing heavily.

"Oh fuck no, of course not. But we have to do this fast." Tristan unzipped his pants and pulled his penis out of his boxers, looking up at Zander, whose face was tinted pink. He smirked and curled a finger, beckoning Zander over. Zander's cock twitched in his pants and he undid his pants as fast as possible, shoving them and his boxers down to his ankles.

He took a deep breath, bracing his hands on his boyfriend's thighs before sinking down onto his erect penis with a muffled moan.

"Shit," Zander muttered, beginning to bounce on top of his boyfriend. Tristan grunted, shoving into Zander at the exact moment that he sank down, hitting deeper and deeper inside of him. Zander whimpered, biting his lip and trying very hard not to scream.

Being a screamer had its downsides sometimes.

Zander resisted the very strong urge to stroke himself, as he didn't want his come to be all over the limo. He whimpered softly as his boyfriend pounded harder and deeper into him, bringing his orgasm on faster.

"F-fuck…Tristan," Zander gasped when Tristan rammed into his spot, simultaneously reaching around to stroke him. Zander couldn't think, speak, or barely even breathe.

"Come on Zan, come for me. Come for Casanova."

And so he did.

Zander orgasmed with a strangled moan, coming into his boyfriend's hand which was cupped over the head of his penis to catch his juices. As Zander tightened around Tristan, he came as well, shooting his load into Zander. Slowly, Zander rolled off of his boyfriend, Tristan's partially limp penis slipping out of him, and watched as Tristan licked Zander's come off of his hand.

"Well now we can say we've had limo sex." Tristan wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at his boyfriend and Zander shook his head, laughing.

"You're such a dope. Hurry up, get dressed."

Giles and Reina pulled up beside the limo in the back seat of a minivan. Not the most glamorous ride, but it was all Giles' friend, Max, had. Giles hopped out and approached Zander and Tristan, who were leaning against the side of the limo.

"Sorry it took us so long. Ready?" The couple nodded and started to follow Giles' to the car before he abruptly stopped and turned.

"What?" Tristan asked, raising an eyebrow. Zander's heart was already racing—he was afraid that his best friend had figured it out. Honestly, it wasn't hard to do so. After all, Zander and Tristan basically had sex wherever and whenever they could.

"Weren't you wearing a tie earlier?" Giles pointed to the bow tie that Tristan was now wearing. Zander froze—he got them.

"Zan and I just decided to switch." He shrugged. "No biggie." Giles shrugged and turned back to the minivan, Zander and Tristan following close behind.

"Nervous?" Tristan leaned over to Zander and whispered softly into his ear. Zander smiled.

"Nope," he responded, squeezing Tristan's ass before grinning and hopping into the car. Tristan laughed and shook his head.

What a sexy little bastard.

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