Her eyes catch mine and shimmer with light. The darkness casts a shadow across her face like a scar, covering her sharp features. Her thin lips curve up and her pupils dilate with excitement.

Her face hypnotizes me, catches my breath with her long fingers and her sharp nails. Her hair covers her body like a cloak, blending in with the midnight moon. Her fair skin pulses and quivers as she brings the blade up to her face.

She admires he reflection, flashing me with a wolfish grin. I gasp as she steps closer, her floor length nightgown sweeps across the polished floor.

Moving like a ghost, she appears next to my side. Her hot breath falls onto the skin on my ear and I start to shiver in anticipation. I can hear her lips part and her fingers gently stroking my stomach.

She sucks in a small breath and whispers into my ear, "Let there be peace."

Goosebumps race over my skin as she swirls around to my front. Her dress wraps around my legs like a rope and she rests the tip of the knife across my cheek.

With a skilled hand she traces patterns all over my face, a faint trickle of blood drips my chin and falls onto the waxed ground. My eyes never leave hers.

She grabs the back of my head and pulls down on my hair. My neck extends and my chest expands.

Her eyes never leave my body as she runs the tip over my torso. Streaks of blood rush through my clothes and stain her cream gown. Her fingers trail the knife, absorbing the sticky liquid in her hand.

My body chills as my heartbeat grows louder. She stops and listens to it, head cocked toward my chest.

Her hair falls from her ear and drapes across her face, showing me nothing but the endless black holes that follow my every move. She drops the knife and grabs my blood covered hand.

The blade clatters and vibrates on the ground, but neither of us flinch. Moving like a ghost, she pulls me along breathlessly to a large stone she set up earlier.

She rocks her hips to the beat of my heart and moves swiftly around me. Her gown spreads around her and encases us both.

She holds her thin arms up, red dripping down and splattering her thick eyelashes. She starts chanting to the sky, offering my blood like a present.

Her hair sways and she lowers her spidery arms. Her eyes catch mine again and I can feel my face heat up. Blood spills over and blinds my sight.

I cautiously reach out for her and she takes my hand and guides me to the smooth rock. "Now," she says eagerly, "Open yourself up to the heavens." Her voice amplifies and my world flashes brightly.