It was such big mistake.

Such a stupid, stupid mistake.

The fan beside me shook slightly as it buzzed warm air across my room. I listened to it drone on, ignoring the sound of my phone playing music softly a few feet away.

Yeah, I knew she was calling me. But I didn't feel like getting up to fetch my phone, or listen to her scream at me and badger on about my horrible mistake.

It was such a big mistake.

I sat up in my bed, holding my throbbing head with my wrist. It smelled like booze and licorice. Licorice? Geez, what had I done last night?

The phone beeped another voicemail. That made…seven in the past five minutes.

Yeah, she was definitely pissed. I knew she would be.

I pulled my head out of my hand long enough to scan my room around me. My room was small and cramped, with clothes flung everywhere and enough undone sketches stacked on my desk to have killed an entire forest. Several things were knocked over due to my drunken stumble last night; I could remember bits and pieces of it like it was a dream.

It wasn't, I knew. Otherwise I wouldn't have woken up snuggling my drunken snack, graham crackers. Damn graham crackers. Crumbs all over my bed. I need a new drunken snack.

My phone started buzzing again as she tried my phone once more. Was she going to call me all day long until I answered? God, that girl had no life! Well, not anymore since I had…

Oh, never mind.

Despite all these years, he didn't even like her that much. I don't see what the big deal was. This should be a huge favor, right? Help her move on and all that crap. That's what best friends are for. Kind of.

I shut my eyes painfully. And this headache! Wow, talk about ouch. I needed a graham cracker.

I wish she would stop calling me so I could just think. I mean, yeah, I had just made a big mistake. I knew he was probably sitting at home crying in the corner like a big baby. Funny how I had to be drunk out of my damn mind for him to even seem cute to me. Ugh. The idea of him kissing me or even touching me—goosebumps. So disgusting. I totally did her a favor.

And yet, I didn't want to answer that phone to talk to her. I knew it wouldn't end well. Hell, it hadn't started well. This was just going to end up another mess that I was going to have to clean up. Because I was the maid, of course.

I really needed to stop getting drunk.