Before I start, I want to say this is NOT my first story. It is however my first story on Fictionpress. I have an account on Fanfiction.

Also, this is a true story. I was talking to my friend and he said he was going to get Oreos. I wanted Oreos and I knew I had some in my pantry. So this is what my imagination thought up while I was going downstairs.

I do not own the company "Oreo"

As I lay in my bed, talking to my friend, he states his craving for Oreos. I start to feel the need for those cookies with 'the white stuff' in the middle. Carefully crawling out of bed, my imagination takes control. I imagine I am a spy, sneaking past my guard dog, who was sleeping soundly on the couch in the upstairs loft.

My mission if I choose to accept it: To sneak past my little sisters' rooms, past the guard dog, down the stairs, get the cookies, come back upstairs, and make it back into bed.

Piece of cake.

I have to do this without being detected by any animal or person.

Easy Cheesy.

I draw out my plan on a piece of plain white printer paper. This is serious business!

Checking my supplies, I slowly open the door. It creaks on its' hinges as it glides across the carpet. Once open, I tip-toe past the first obstacle; My two year old sisters room. As stealthy as a leopard, I sneak past the second obstacle; my five year old sisters open door. Then came the hard part...

My dog.

He lay sleeping, his stomach rising up and down in a steady beat. I watched him intently for any signs of him waking from his slumber. An ear twitch, a tail wag, an eye flicker, anything.

I quickly turned the corner and tip-toed down the stairs. I hopped to floor level and stood still, listening for any signs of life upstairs. Upon hearing nothing, I quickly jumped through the metal dog gate that leads to the kitchen.

All I had to do was open the sliding doors that go to my pantry, grab the delicious treat, and make a get away.

I slowly pulled back the heavy door, and gazed upon the Oreos. For contained in that blue bag was the small circular cookie that would feed my sweet tooth.

I grabbed a paper plate and the Oreos. I selected seven which suited my inspection. They were perfect; not cracked or damaged in any way. Yum!

All of a sudden I hear the shaking of my dog upstairs. He's awake!

I quickly tossed the blue bag back in the pantry. Making a b-line for the couch, I face plant into the cushions and cover myself in blankets, wanting to avoid the guard dog.

I hear his tail hit the iron gate and I know he's close. Next thing I know, he's sitting on the small couch in the living room. He hadn't seen me! Or so I thought. As soon as I moved he got up and started licking my arm which was completely exposed.

I was caught...

Flinging the blankets off my back, I ran to the table, grabbed the plate, and shot through the gate. I ran up the stairs, down the hall, into my room, closed the door, and jumped on my bed.

Mission ALMOST accomplished.

I still felt like a spy though.

True story.

A:N/ Okay, so all the events in this story (jumping on the couch, running up and down the stairs, hiding from my dog, him licking my arm, etc.) are completely true. The spy thing is what I imagined myself doing. I know. It was very fun though!

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