It's flying,

adrenaline, and anticipation,

and yet none of those things

It's eager but oh so impatient

It's a knot of slimy, coiled snakes

Pressing against the inside of my ribs

Sometimes I think they'll rip through -

that they must rip through - to take what is theirs

what is mine

And oh, your eyes do not help;

Not when I reach into their depths and see reflected within

an image of me, a faint reflection, your fear awakened under my careful gaze

And oh, you don't know how tempting it is

We must be connected, you and I,

by the way I sense everything you feel and the way I know you inside and out and

the way I can whisper those words that make you tremble and hurt

So your pulse will stutter its faint rhythm, that unholy urging, its captivating beating soft beneath my fingers-





A Master of myself,

A God of sorts,

Never felt this Way,

Until Now, but I,

Am fully in Control.

You are unique though, aren't you?

We must be connected, you and I,

(It is not bad to think this

Not when I am collected)

How strongly I perceive your mere presence

And you know...

No one else sees these things I do,

No one but me

Oh, you're beautiful.

When that shiver goes down your back

When you cast me, your stranger, an odd look,

Then brush it aside, thinking to yourself I was not watching

Only a coincidence you looked up at the same time I looked at you

When you twist that same curl between your fingers

When you chew absentmindedly on your straw

When you lost your receipt on the way to the train

When you walk quicker in the dark

When you know I'm following you

And the hunger rises

To find sickness in you and make it spread,

Bring your nightmares to reality and explore the walls of your mind, wherein I long to find your true agony,

Reveal your true and raw torture

Oh, we must be connected, you and I!

Ever bound together; two parts of a whole,

As I step towards you and you step back - a dance of sorts, we're dancing, you know,

Don't think I don't see it!

How your eyes catch sight of the shimmer of silver glint,

And widen so perfectly

Breathe me in,

and I will you,

We must be connected, you and I.

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