Why do you do that, two-face?

In our mutual group, you listen.

You came to me to talk, instead of the other way around.

You tell me that you will be back, instead of ditching all of a sudden.

You play games with me just because I am your friend, not because I am the only one there.

You know what kind of sarcasm I get.

You know what kills me on the inside, and how to get me high off of life.

You don't mind waiting for me when I ask.

You say "hi", instead of walking right by.

We can sit closer when it's just us, instead of sitting 10 feet away from each other. Not that I mind that as much as other issues.

I KNOW you have other friends. Everyone does...

But you act differently, more superiorly.

You make me feel small... (setting aside the fact that you are at least 3 inches taller than me.)

Pushed into a dark corner.

Left out.




Depressed... ish.

Yet, you give me the chance to make new friends. It's going to be a little like this next year, why not prepare for it now?

What happened to the person I thought we could stay close friends until the end?